You will need
  • Insurance policy
  • Passport
If you want to make an appointment to see the cardiologist, which will be paid from the funds of compulsory medical insurance system or LCA (compulsory or voluntary health insurance), you should consult physician at the place of residence or to the therapist that the medical institution to which you are attached. You can also go to the district doctor in General practice.
Find out whether an appointment to a therapist or General practitioner, or admission is in the queue. If you require pre-registration, insurance policy go to the reception Desk of the hospital to schedule a time convenient for you. In some hospitals, appointments conducted by phone or on the website of the institution.
He came to the reception, explain to your therapist the reason you need to consult a cardiologist and describe your complaint. Go through all the research and do the tests that the physician you designate.
Studies have again come to the therapist and if he deemed that your condition really requires consultation with a cardiologist, you will receive a numbered referral to the specialist. The direction will indicate the name of the hospital or medical center, which adopts a cardiologist.
With the direction of the therapist, insurance policy and passport go into the registry in order the medical institution to which you sent and make an appointment with the cardiologist.
Going to the reception to the cardiologist, take all the results of the research, which took place at the therapist for a referral. If you have a patient card, with which you go to a physician and other professionals, take it.
If you want to make an appointment to see a cardiologist quickly and without queues, you can go to a private clinic. Make an appointment by phone, through the electronic registry, if it is on the site clinic, or personally coming to the institution.
Sometimes a paid appointment in the public health. The recording of such appointment by telephone without additional research and the direction of the therapist.