When choosing a specialist, keep in mind that there are urologists different areas:

1. Professionals working with only male diseases (urology – andrology). They are engaged in the treatment of diseases such as: prostatitis, urethritis, fibrosis, impotence, etc.;
2. Doctors specializing in women's diseases (urethral diverticula, cysts, papillomas, etc.);
3. Urologists generalist, treating "asexual" diseases (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, cystitis, urinary incontinence).

In addition, there are the following specializations in urology, as urologist-oncologist, Urogynecology, physiolog.
Sign up on reception to the urologist the desired direction by contacting a local hospital to the front Desk and ask to put you on a certain day and hour. From the documents you will need: passport, medical insurance policy and the insurance pension certificate.
Call the clinic on the phone, especially if it is a private clinic. Don't forget to learn when you need to come to the reception. Consult the cost of visiting the doctor.
Make an appointment with the urologist on the Internet if you live close to the clinic site which is hosted on its pages. Carefully read the list of services, information about the doctors and the price of admission.
Use the advice of a urologist at online online. This method still cannot replace a medical examination. The doctor will be able to more closely coordinate any follow up actions regarding the treatment.
You should first consult your GP and ask for a referral to a urologist. Maybe a therapist first yourself produce any diagnostic studies to identify whether you need consultation with a urologist in fact, or your problem is within the competence of another doctor.
Please note that when re-entry to the same specialist in some private clinics provide discounts. Ask about them at the Registrar.