You will need
  • 1. Passport (to establish residence).
  • 2. Registration certificate (in the absence of permanent registration).
  • 3. Residence permit (for foreigners).
  • 4. Birth certificate and certificate from the house administration on the registration of the child (when making policy for the child).
New medical policy is an electronic media in the form of a plastic card with a personal number. It will be encrypted personal data of the patient, the required benefits, prescriptions, medicines, medical history. This policy, essentially, is an electronic patient record.
If you are working, a new policy you can issue the employer. However, in the case of dismissal, a document will have to pass to HR and get the following independently.
If you are not working or you need to get/change health policy your child, please contact the point of issuing insurance policies at your place of residence. To do this you need to have:
- passport (to establish residence);
- registration certificate (in the absence of a permanent residence permit);
- residence permit (for foreigners);
- birth certificate and a letter from housing management on the registration of the child (when making policy for the child).
Most likely, the issuing of OMS you will find in the district hospital. If not, the receptionist will tell you the address of the nearest place of issue.
The policy of the MLA, in the presence of all necessary documents, you will produce immediately. It is very convenient, and come to the point of delivery, again no need.
Having a MHI policy, you can choose any medical institution, do not have to attach it to the district hospital. Under the new Law "On mandatory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" from January 2011 to refuse you do have the right. You can also choose the doctor from whom you want to be treated, and an insurance company that will pay.
When contacting the clinic to have a medical insurance policy is necessary. Also bring your identity document. Otherwise, you can refuse to accept.