Irresponsible doctors need to work with the help of the chief doctor of the clinic. He monitors the correct performance of the duties of their subordinates. About poor health care, you can also contact the special hotline, which exists in the departments and departments of public health. Its purpose is to gather information about the quality and accessibility of health care in various urban and regional clinics.
Not be amiss to write a statement directly to the Department of health of the city or district where is located the polyclinic. Thus, anyone can call or contact such bodies, respectively, to leave a complaint on the poor quality of medical service. It should be noted that these actions can be caused by a variety of unpleasant moments in the course of providing care, for example, rude attitude and insult the patient.
In the absence of reaction on the part of these departments to ensure that the activities of public health institutions should send a complaint to the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, which finances medical care and forcing physicians to obey. This letter will be considered special services, after which it will go to the clinic to provide response to this complaint. Clarification of the management of the institution at which occurred the incident must be submitted to the patient in full.
In extreme cases you can complain to the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of healthcare and social development. As a rule, to the treatment of patients in this organization encourage serious reasons. These include persistent loss of health of the patient (death), as well as financial losses. It is important complaint to be properly and competently with personal data for subsequent response. You should also list the names of specific individuals the medical staff of the clinic, which issued the claim. Roszdravnadzor is what counts, so if necessary you can resort to its help, outlining all the details of the problem.