Select the doctor from whom you want to constantly be observed. Take this seriously, to not have in the future to change the doctor again and get a reputation as a scandalous person. To do this, try to learn as much as possible about all the professionals working in different clinics. Maybe your relatives or friends advise you to apply to their doctor.
Make an appointment with your chosen specialist therapist and an appointment ask whether you can transfer to his precinct. Explain the reasons why you want the doctor to track your health. If failure doctor will be able to present objective arguments, such as very high load or distance of your house from his land, it is likely that he will consent.
Make a statement to the chief physician of the clinic. The statement should contain reasoned arguments to select a new specialist and also provided good reasons for the decision to change doctors.
If the doctor refuses to take you on permanent surveillance, re-write the statement to the chief physician in two copies.
Make statements in the registry. Documents required to assign the incoming number. Give one copy to the Registrar and keep the other at home, after checking the room availability on the remaining copies – this is very important.
Wait for a written response from the leadership of the clinic. Most often the decision will be positive. A written denial of your request is the basis for the appeal to the Department of Health.
In all his statements refer to the article 30 of "fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens". This article gives you the right to choose a GP and the clinic.