You will need
  • - passport;
  • - document on registration at the place of residence or stay in Moscow (if any);
  • - fountain pen.
If you have registration by place of residence (old residence) or place of residence (in common parlance - a temporary registration in Moscow, you should start with the local clinic that has been set with the house where you are registered. Likely to need the information-which insurance company to contact and what address will be posted in a conspicuous place in the lobby or the reception.

Otherwise, please contact the registry or to the informant.

In Moscow MHI policy issue such insurance companies "ROSNO", "MAX", etc.
Address, phone number and hours of operation of the work unit of the insurance company, issuing insurance policies, usually provided on its official website. Required of you in working hours to come back with a passport, a certificate of registration by place of residence (if there is no stamp on her passport) or stay and pen. Just in case, photocopy of the first two turns of the passport (personal and passport data and registration) and other necessary documents if any. Most of the entities have a place, but moves relatively quickly.

The employees of the insurance company will look at your documents, will issue the necessary papers, you then complete and tell you when to come for the finished policy.
If you make a policy for a newborn, upon delivery of the documents is sufficient birth certificate and passport of one of parents with the Moscow registration at the place of residence or stay (in this case, you will need the certificate of registration at the place of stay). But upon receiving the policy will require confirmation that the baby was at the same address: mark's birth certificate on registration at the place of residence or registration at the place of residence certificate of such registration one of the parents.

Adults and children who have registration by place of stay, the policies issued for the term of this registration. After this period you can renew the registration first, then policy.
If you are working under an employment contract in the firm, with legal address in Moscow and Moscow medical insurance you do not, the employer is obliged to issue it. Special efforts from you in this case is not required. The employer will provide the necessary documents to be filled include a policy where it should go, and get ready. Most of these formalities be in charge of HR or equivalent structure. Sometimes (if not HR Department) - accounting.

A policy issued through an employer, should be given in case of dismissal. And at the other place of work you must obtain a new one.