You will need
  • application for registration of medical insurance, social security number, passport, birth certificate of the child.
Visit the website of the Fund of compulsory medical insurance in your city. It provides information about the insurance companies engaged the services of compulsory health insurance in your area. Select the one that you trust. Keep in mind that the hospital can not dictate you whom to choose, it is exclusively your right.
Print from the website of the application for registration of policy of obligatory medical insurance. Fill it out, legible handwriting. If the application form is not submitted, you will be able to fill it directly in the office of the insurance organization.
Visit the office of chosen insurance company. Addresses and phone numbers, generally presented on the website of the city Fund of obligatory medical insurance. Pre-call insurance company and verify reception hours of citizens on issues of OMS.
Provide your insurance organization a document proving your identity, and SNILS – insurance number of individual personal account (plastic light green card).
If you want to recover lost health insurance child under 14 years, present a birth certificate, identity document of the legal representative and the social security number if it is decorated for a child.
You receive the temporary medical insurance, it will be printed on an ordinary sheet of paper. You will be able to be served in the clinic in the period, while permanent insurance will be made. On the date of manufacture of a permanent policy OMS will inform the employee of the insurance company. Usually this period ranges from two weeks to a month.
Visit the office of the insurance company after a stipulated period and get insurance. Since may 2011 he is a plastic card that is attached to the paper sheet. The clinic can only take card.