The Institute is located in Moscow, on Kashirskoye highway, to get to him, both Muscovites and citizens residing in other cities of the country. Clinic Instituteand of Nutrition provides medical care for adults and young patients, older than 2 years.
There is an approved list of those categories of patients that can receive in the Clinic, qualified medical care free of charge, at the expense of the Federal budget. Among them are those who are directed according to the existing quotas of the health authorities, war veterans, prisoners of concentration camps and of victims of political repression, inhabitants of blockade Leningrad, and Chernobyl disabled from childhood of I group. If you do not belong to any listed category, then you can get into the Institute of Supply on a paid basis.
To pay for medical care at the expense of non-state funding sources is provided to all other citizens of the country and foreign countries. You will have to pay and the beneficiaries, if they Express a desire to receive additional services that are not included in the approved standard treatment for their disease. Additional charge for stay in chambers of the raised comfort and accommodation of accompanying persons.
Only your desire to get into the Institute of Supply is insufficient. The final decision on whether you will be admitted to hospital, receives a special Commission for the selection of patients for stationary examination and treatment. Its solution is based on the results of reviewing the medical documents you will be required to provide: an expert opinion and the results of laboratory tests. This applies both to patients-the public sector, and those who are willing to pay for their treatment themselves.
Check out the list of documents that will be needed by you or your child upon admission to the Clinic of Institute ofa Power. On the Clinic's website provides a list of diseases that are related to the medical profile of this medical institution, and send your inquiry and referral documents for presenting to the Commission, which will decide on admission on a budgetary or fee basis.