If you first get a job you need to issue a medical book. Personal care medical record is an official document of the strict reporting. Fake carries with it criminal liability. This is stated in article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Books are provided by the centers of epidemiology and hygiene.
To get a medical book and to pass a medical examination, take the direction of the organization.
Pay for medical examinations and the registry of medical institutions present your receipt, take photos размером3х4 see
During the medical examination, keep with passport and medical insurance policy.
At the reception Desk of the medical institution you will be given a card and inspection sheet, where indicated specialists examination which you must pass, also shows room numbers. If you suffer from chronic diseases and are on the account at the specialists take treatment records and recent test results.
When you pass the examination and pass the required tests, sign the inspection sheet signed by the chief physician and the seal of the medical establishment, after that you will put in the medical record a conclusion on the suitability to the job. The medical book is kept in the organization where you will work.
The purpose of these inspections is to check if the workers of these categories to carry out their work, health protection, and disease prevention.
Medical examinations and advantageous to the employee. When passing the inspection, he can find out whether they are suitable for this work, and isn't to heavy. Beneficial to the employer because he is interested for the health of his employees was allowed to keep and even increase the rate of development.