Responsibilities x-ray technician

The post x-ray technician may take a person with average medical education following the course of the training x - ray and radiological departments. The laboratory is subject to the doctor-radiologist and must perform the following duties: registration of patients, maintenance of necessary documentation, preparation of patients for radiography, the procedures on behalf of the radiologist.

An indicator of high qualification of the x-ray technician has the ability to carry out x-rays so precisely that you repeat the procedure for the same object, the work is identical to the previous.

X-ray technician monitors the receipt of medications from the pharmacy and all the necessary accessories, is engaged in the preparation of contrast agents and photochemical solutions for display pictures, and can do the job totalbalance.

Disease of workers of x-ray Cabinet

Radiation sickness possible in disregard of the special protection or poor condition, an ad hoc working days. To work with x-ray equipment are not allowed people with the following diseases: CNS diseases of the skin and genitals, eyes (cataracts), liver, diseases of the circulatory system, and any neoplastic disease.

Failure to comply with personal protective measures and rules for external protection of office workers in the radiology Department (radiologist and technician) can develop neoplastic diseases of the skin, cancer of the blood. Most common myeloid leukemia (working more than 10 years in this field).

Working conditions x-ray technicians

X-ray technicians have the right to early retirement at age 50 for men and 45 years for women. For the first General work experience must be at least 20 years, of which 10 posts x-ray technician. Women are required to have 15 years of service, half of which is in the x-ray Cabinet.

If the employee has the necessary insurance experience and only half (at least) need a "bad" experience, retirement age for them decreases at the rate of 1 year for each year in office x-ray technician. In addition, the working day of the employee is reduced to 6 hours. He is entitled to additional leave duration from 12 to 24 days per year.