For some questions, you can contact the SES

Functions of Sanitary-epidemiological stations are quite diverse, and professionals working with them, check whether meets the requirements and standards of the activities of the various facilities, working conditions on them. But citizens can contact the SES with issues associated with the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region or with violation of sanitary norms. The competence of these bodies includes:
- monitors the condition of various public facilities;
control over the ecology and environment;
- check sanitary conditions in children's institutions (kindergartens, schools, summer camps, etc.);
- control for safety food (outlets, catering establishments etc.);
- checking security of water supply for the population;
- measures disinsection and deratization,
- disinfection of apartments and organizations, disinfection of residential and non-residential buildings.

How to contact the SES

Phone of a hot line of Rospotrebnadzora: 8-800-100-00-04, you can consult and learn the phone numbers of territorial bodies of the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance. The site of the Federal service has a map of the country, where you can select the region where you are, and to find the address of the website of the regional branch of "Center of hygiene and epidemiology" which has all addresses and phones of territorial branches.

If you have a claim for the issues listed above, you may apply directly to the SES in your area or the nearest branch of the CPS, which are sanitary-epidemiological station. Pre-consult with the operator for the question that interests you and, if necessary, order a call specialists of SES on the house.

This must be done, for example, to check environmental parameters near to your house or even an apartment – measurement of the noise level and the parameters of background radiation, and also if you want to get rid of cockroaches, household ants, rats and mice. At your call in the next two weeks should see a health inspector, which will familiarize with the situation and will write you a receipt. Depending on this, the call will have to pay a certain amount. In the case where it is necessary to take emergency measures, the date of the visit of sanitary inspectors will be reduced, but when you call a specialist, you must specify that the matter is urgent.