Where you may need medical book

This document is required in any place related to the education and training of children, municipal and consumer services of the population in baths, saunas, hairdressers and beauty salons, hotels, dry cleaners, night clubs, grocery stores and databases. Without it you will not be able to get a public transport driver, conductor or a flight attendant, a doctor, a nurse or a nurse at children's hospital and maternity hospital.

When applying for a job, you'll need to immediately produce a health book, its primary design you will do at your expense. For the "crust" must apply to the sanitary-epidemiological station (SES) at your place of residence, or in branches of urban centres of hygiene and epidemiology. For this you need a photo passport and the receipt confirming payment of Blanca medical books.
Nonresident citizens, job seekers and placing a medical book, you need to register in this settlement.

Clearance medical books

Making medical record – the service is not free. How much it will cost you depends on the prices existing in the medical establishments in your city, but count on about $ 5000. Getting the form books in the SES, you can immediately pay and take the tests, which makes this institution. In it you can also give the direction to the necessary tests in the clinic by place of residence, where you will pass a medical examination. In addition, in the SPP, you will need to write a statement on the training of sanitary-hygienic rules and standards related to the location of your proposed work.

In the clinic you need to go to the window where you pay for the services of the medical institution. Depending on the intended place of work, you will be given a list of doctors who should examine you as well as a list of required tests you must pass. In the list you will find room numbers and schedule of working professionals.
Do not try to fake a medical book, because its production provides for criminal liability according to article 327 of the criminal code to 2 years of imprisonment, and the use of counterfeiting threatens you with arrest for 6 months.

Most likely, you will need to run, because the medical record card should be the conclusion of a dentist and a psychiatrist, these professionals can take in other buildings. Of course, you have to stand in queues in front of offices, but if you're resistant to issue a medical book longer than 3-4 days, you won't have to.