Advice 1: Someone to go to work

Some people, having a profession, I don't know anyone to go workMB. Because from work I want to get moral satisfaction, but, unfortunately, it will not be accepted as payment in the store.
Job search
Not everyone likes his own work, but usually people cling to it because they do not know where and whom to go to work. After all, everyone wants stability, why people suffer many inconveniences, but when there is no moral satisfaction, a long walk on the unloved work people can't.

Own preferences

If you choose to work should be guided by their own preferences. It is necessary that she liked, it was interesting to perform the duties. In this case there will be interest, motivation, as a result, the time will fly quickly, and not drag on forever. Thus, it does not have to convince yourself every day to go to work, work will be a joy, so you should think about what activity brings joy and moral satisfaction, and in accordance with this view listings.

The material side

It so happens that the work is not happy, but she is paid very well. Of course, no joy it brings, not to mention the moral satisfaction, but, thanks to her, could live in prosperity and to pay all bills on time. Of course, you can look for work that is not only a joy, but be paid well, but it can take years. From this situation, you can find a way out. For example, do not leave high-paying jobs, jobs that will bring moral satisfaction. Gradually you need to achieve success in your favorite area, then earnings will grow. Soon it will be possible to quit my uninteresting job and fully immerse yourself in what you really like, and without much financial loss.

Career growth

If you cannot decide on the scope of activities, you need to think about what I want to achieve in life. The result will be in the hands of the action plan. For example, many people dream to make a good career, on this basis, should send your resume to those companies that have the opportunity to develop and achieve career heights. As a rule, a large organization with a lot of employees. You can also try to get in young companies that are just beginning their development. In this case, you will be able to show their good side and get promoted much faster, especially if the state will grow. In any case, you will need to work hard, to set goals and achieve them, then the boss will see such zeal and definitely will propel you up the career ladder.

Advice 2: Where to go to work without experience

The work experience is a key factor in employment. But if not, don't worry, because even without it there are many options to get a job.
Where to go to work without experience
Option 1. Employment in low-skilled jobs.
Unfortunately, this work is very poorly paid. It is a profession of the seller, cleaner, handyman, porters etc. If the work for such pay is somewhat above the expected level, it means that the work is done in difficult, stressful conditions related to harmful factors in the workplace. Such employment can give extremely biased to the working conditions of people. Unfortunately, this work often retired because of the poverty of old-age pension.
Option 2. Employment for young people.
In the case of employment of young generation the situation is somewhat different. Young people will be fairly easy to get with no experience of work, often learning the different basics of the craft takes place in the workplace. Such occupations include work of a sales assistant, cashier, Manager low-level, operator-telephone operator, etc. besides, there are and career growth in this line of work, as a young man, with can attract the attention of the management.
Option 3. Self-employment - entrepreneurship.
Of course, not everyone is given an entrepreneurial spirit, but if it is, why not try to organize their own business. The issue arises when the required initial capital. And then a young businessman goes to a Bank for a loan. In Russia small business lending is the worst interest rates (10-15% per annum), so you need to understand all the risks caused by accounts payable.
Option 4. Self-employment - self-employed.
For those who are not deprived of literacy, knowledge in programming or other skills that were obtained during study or self-education, there is such a profession as a freelancer. It is a free employment, where there is only one working chain, the employee and the employer who hires him to perform a specific task. Problems are different: writing the given subject, writing a piece of code, translating text, etc. With the number of successfully completed tasks and the rating of the freelancer among the customers increases. Increasing wages. So if a person willing to hard and regular work, then the profession of the freelancer is what you need.
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