If you are a student and only get education, the summary must indicate this. Many employers are willing to take students, hoping to "grow" for yourself employee. Moreover, the students usually low salary expectations. However, if you are studying full time and can only work 20-30 hours a week, then get ready for a long job search: in most firms employees need every day from morning to evening. However, working part-time firms offer, often very prestigious.
The same students echnical and people unable to work in office full day, suitable for work evening Secretary. Most firms prefer girls-secretaries, however, some young people also began his career with this post. Evening Secretary usually runs from 18 to 23 hours, answers calls, greets customers late, copies, scans and stitches papers. Evening secretaries who know foreign languages, are also engaged in translations.
People without education can always find work in the Internet depending on their skills. This can be the creation and design of websites, copywriting (writing texts specified by the customer subject), rewriting (rewriting of already written texts so that they have acquired uniqueness), maintaining promotional blogs, and more. As a rule, it is easier to find a job on the labor markets of freelancers. Minus the Internet is that newcomers are paid very modestly.
Not having education does not mean none. Surely you know how to cook, or to massage, or to teach the dances. Best of all, of course, have a certificate stating that you have completed some facility where that came from. However, not all of such certificates is (in the end, you could learn to cook from your grandmother). Even without them you can try to find work in such a "specialty". To start the easiest way, of course, with friends - to provide similar services to them. They'll probably recommend you to their friends, and so on. You can place ads in social networks and message boards on the Internet. Subsequently, such a simple way earnings can grow in your own small business.
There are many professions that do not require education: a waiter, a call-center operator, the seller. Of course, it's not "prestigious" job, but there are a lot of examples where simple seller a few years of successful work became the right hand of the owner of the store. Besides, over the years you can manage to get and education, and clearly define what you want to do in life and how to come to it.