If you are a student and looking for a part time, pay attention to professions such as courier, layer ads, flyers distribution. A lot of money in a position you earn, and a special career prospects are not expected, however, if you need temporary work to secure funds for pocket money, you may try yourself in this sphere of activity.If you're good, you can get a freelance correspondent. No one will ask you about your experience, it will be important only the result. If you sent the publisher an interesting and well-written note, will publish it and pay you a royalty. In addition, parmeliopsis in the wording, you can count on the fact that the editor wants to see you among our regular contributors.In your city opened a new shopping center, advertising Agency, hotel, Dolphinarium? Try to get a job there. Often young businesses prefer to take beginners with no experience of work, then to work to train them as required by the post. It is often easier and more efficient than to retrain specialist with years of experience.You know who would like to work, you have the appropriate education, but without experience of the operation of the door in the coveted profession is closed to you? Don't despair, and try to go the other way. Select the company which is necessary for a job, and settle there at a lesser position, where I take without experience of work. Well if you zarekomenduete himself before the authorities will demonstrate knowledge in the desired area, it is likely that after some time you will get transfer to the place where you originally wanted.