Humanitarians can work in the field of Philology and linguistics. It is a vast area of activities, and employs teachers of Russian and foreign languages, teachers of literature, journalists, writers, copywriters, editors, proofreaders, translators. In people with humanitarian mindset better to recreate mental images, to dream, colorfully describing what is happening, they have well-developed speech, which is why they are so successful in these areas.
Humanitarian are almost all professions associated with the work, e.g., designer, artist, art historian, tour guide, actor, Director, musician, singer. The creation of art objects, though does not bring practical benefit to mankind, not less valuable, than the creation and exploitation of technical and electronic means. Therefore true art, his figures sometimes so popular and you can earn great condition. Could this, however, is not all, no wonder it is considered that this area of success is harder to achieve than in the business.
Very successful there are humanists in the field of law and Economics. Although the economy is quite controversial to attribute to purely human Sciences, even people without a technical mindset to become great economists. In addition, they can work with lawyers, lawyers, historians. Wherever you need a broad view of current realities or historical events, helps humanitarian thinking.
With knowledge of the laws, economic conditions and historical past of the country is closely connected public service. Therefore, in the Parliament, the Federation Council, political parties can meet so many historians, political scientists, lawyers and economists. For some leaders of humanitarian education, which, moreover, are on the side of true creativity, care policy is a good opportunity to prove yourself and to achieve real success.
People with humanitarian mindset become excellent doctors and psychologists. Some of them are well aware of the human soul, able to be compassionate, to listen and to understand people, to understand the complex relationships and emotional traumas, and the second well heal the human body. By the way, the knowledge of the human soul in deviant behavior, the desire to get to the truth and a deep knowledge of psychology - it features the beautiful police detectives and investigators of all ranks.