You will need
  • - Handbook of occupations
  • - the directory of educational institutions
To do business, which really brings the satisfaction of need while in school to choose a specialty. To do this, teachers or psychologists with students of the senior classes, career guidance test. The questions in the test are selected such that in the end, the student was able to find out which field of activity he has more abilities. And then the teacher gives examples of occupations belonging to different walks of life. Testing is available, even if you have already decided on a specialty.
Often, applicants go to a particular profession at the insistence of parents who believe that know better what their child needs. Or in company with a companion, to always be close to them, had common interests, which is faster to adapt to a new school. But your friend will be interested to learn, and you do not. To choose a specialty, read the literature, which describes the work of people of different professions, talk with their friends who are already working. Listen to yourself what you want that you are interested in.Find out at the employment center, people of what professions are needed most in the labour market and what professionals excess. It is also necessary to consider how, after finishing school, you may not find work in the specialty. Then you have to learn a new profession.When choosing a specialty, do not follow only by its prestige. Many people prestigious professions do not what wanted, because at the time, chose the prestige case.Learn about all aspects of work in the chosen specialty. As often the work, which seems to us easy and interesting, actually quite heavy and monotonous.
Visit the institutions where people work with such specialtyyou have chosen. Watch them work, if possible.While we are young, we often do not think about their health. So the fact that the work in the chosen specialty may have a negative effect on health, we simply do not take into account. But all we get in hazardous work, impact on our health in adulthood. Rate your ability for your chosen profession. Personal qualities of the person are reflected in his work.
Once you have decided on a profession, it would be useful to know about all the educational institutions, which prepare specialists in this field. Choose a school. This takes into account the status (University or colleges), education, paid or free training. Find out which exams you need to pass the entry and start training.
It happens that, after a year or two, you understand that this is not the case is that you want to do for the rest of life. If you decided to leave this school, it is just to decide where to go, think carefully whether you will be there wondering to learn. And if you are thinking this through, then leave immediately, so you do not tear myself for not listening to your inner voice.