Work not on a speciality.
Often life circumstances are such that the graduate has the opportunity to be employed in a straight specialty. This can be due to many reasons, for example: work experience is not in a straight line of specialty to obtain a higher education, of parents and relatives to employ a former student in another area, vision yourself as a professional, I graduate, and so on. However, if the graduate has the skills and opportunity to do something different, what he likes, then this should not be hindered. Job and must like to be fun.
Employment in the chosen specialty.
To find a job after graduation to the position that would be consistent with specialization, quite easily. The only caveat arises from the fact that young specialists of popular professions in the labor market a huge number. For example, there is a huge number of unemployed economists, lawyers, managers, etc. This means that, most likely, the first time to apply for the desired position may fail. But do not worth it, because after several interviews should turn up something which could be the specialty in the received diploma of higher education. It is worth noting that the most competitive, those graduates who had work experience in the specialty at the Institute or University. Therefore, the question of employment should be given on the last training.
If the last student in the study had a permanent source of funds connected with his own business, then why not do them after graduation. Moreover, the study receded into the background, and people will have more opportunities to pursue their passions, which, moreover, brings a stable income.