Carefully read the newspaper, which publishes data on labour vacancies. It can be free Newspapers, electronic Bulletin boards, Internet portals devoted to employment. You can often find ads that specify that education does not matter. Many organizations require intelligent employees, willing to learn the specialty on the job.
If you like a particular position, in which the requirement of higher education are clearly spelled out, do not hesitate to offer their services to such employer. Experience shows that often the ads are on the template or accepted in society stereotype, although in fact the level of education the applicant is not very important. If you are hardworking, teachable possess life experience and understand the selected field activities at a professional level, the employer may close their eyes to the lack of higher education.
Contact territorial Center of employment of the population. There you will be able to offer a list of vacancies that do not require higher education. Of course, not every workplace will be able to guarantee a worthy level of wages. But do not despair. For a professional start and the accumulation of work experience offered to you jobs may be enough. In the employment service, you can get a referral to training in one of the most popular on the market specialties.
Try your hand at direct sales. Today the market has many companies working on the principles of social marketing – "from man to man." The essence of work consists in advancing to the final consumer of various goods and services. Don't confuse the need to deal with sales. So you will be able to not only effective communication skills that are important in any field, but will also be able to develop organizational skills and management skills in their own business.
When choosing a place of work, be guided by two factors. The first is the compliance of your natural aptitudes, experience and interests. Not less important the second factor is the relevance of the selected activities in the labour market. After all, even a higher education does not guarantee that you will be able to get to work on the acquired specialty.