Stand on the account in service of employment of the population and look at those job requirements which are not specified for compulsory education. Of course, most of it is unskilled work with not too high salary level. One does not need special education to get the loader, watchman, security guard or laborer. Women without education can apply for the job of cashier in the supermarket, but also to try yourself as a housekeeper, nanny or in-home nurse.
Contact organizations involved in the trade. Shops selling food, household appliances and consumer goods, often take candidates without education, teaching employees the basics of sales directly at the workplace. With sufficient diligence, the seller may eventually qualify for a higher position in the trading company. Good professional start you can get, working as an independent representative of the company involved in direct sales.
Try to find publications that publish job ads, information about employment individuals without an education with a learning opportunity in the workplace. There are areas of activity where the employer is more profitable to take intelligent novice worker, able to learn fast than to look for a qualified professional with high demands in relation to wages. Passing the probationary period and having the skills of a particular craft, you can become an experienced master.
Offer your services municipal services operating in the field of town planning. Work is not the easiest, have to perform duties on cleaning of the territory and keeping it in order. Even if you paid for this work will be at the lowest level, in some cases, you can qualify for certain benefits, such as discounts on utilities and housing, use of discounted medical care and so on.