Work can be found in 30, 40 years, even without a certain experience. Another thing that you will need to spend quite a lot of effort and nerves to find her. If you don't have a certain education, but now offers many vacancies which do not require any experience or education. For example, laborers, porters, kitchen workers, janitors, etc. Over to count on a good salary and career growth in this line of work. But, nevertheless, such variants also have a right to exist.
2. If you have an education, but for some reason you were not working on it (for example, the birth and further upbringing of your child), pass courses of improvement of qualification, remember that you may be required for such work. Then find firms which work in your area and send summary. Qualify immediately for a high position is not worth it, you there is still no one will take, but you can try to get an assistant or Intern, with the prospect of professional growth. And even if your age does not bother you. 30 years is not so much. And if all that stayed home, you were regularly interested in news in your particular field and know about all the developments in this field, it will be your advantage. In addition, people at the age of 30 are more responsible and serious, and the employer can have less to be afraid of some spontaneous acts, so characteristic of the young people.
Be active in your job search. Do not expect that if you sent a resume, you will immediately call you back. Call yourself. If the company is close to you, you can go there in person and offer your services. Looking for a job through advertisements in Newspapers, in magazines, on the Internet. Sometimes you have to call dozens of companies before you find the desired option. So you need to be ready and do not be discouraged if while lady luck smiled.
There can be a situation that you have a job, but it does not suit you. And you decide at age 30 to change your life, get a new profession. It is understood that after graduation, the experience you will have. What do you do then? Before you choose what profession to master, study the labor market, see what specialties are most in demand today, for some of them you will have more probabilities to find a job. And, based on these data, choose which courses to finish, or in a school to do. Only even if you immediately then get a job, you need to be prepared that a high salary not only what an employer will pay. But if you zarekomenduete yourself a good specialist who is knowledgeable in their field, will constantly evolve and improve in their profession, it will gradually be able to achieve a good career heights.
Talk to your relatives, acquaintances and friends. Perhaps one of them will help you to find a job. And thus it is possible to find a job with decent wages and good working conditions. Only if you took a job on someone's recommendations, you do not move this man and yourself too, since you have to work yourself. And if the quality of your work will not hold the company's management, no communication will not help you to keep your position.