Hard physical labor

The profession of a porter, a handyman, a security guard are low-skilled. The list is quite long, but if a man looking for work with no requirements for education, then the first option is to engage in physical labor. The easiest way is to get a job as a loader. In major cities of the country is very developed shopping grocery chains, labor turnover there is quite high, so the demand for physical brute force is always there. Moreover, working in the store, there is a real opportunity to learn how to work at the checkout and learn the basics of merchandising - the art of the correct placement of the product.

As a rule, organizations involved in the sale (regardless of what products, techniques, colors, etc.) quite easily take people without education to work. Some firms are engaged in learning in the workplace. Moreover, in the largest of them can achieve career growth if industrious. The most readily accepted for the position of sales consultants, young people aged 18 to 25 years.

Cleaning the territory and premises, washing of vehicles, beautification of the territories, etc. - these are all areas where work willing to take people without education. Definitely earn good money so work extremely hard, but if you work in municipal services for improvement of the city, according to the current legislation, such employee may provide free housing, food and subsidized medical care.
Working with education for employment

Young firms often recruit staff without education and experience, preferring to train them directly during operation. Such firms often have in the areas of supply, logistics, law enforcement, etc. Sometimes, when employment requires a probationary period that labour law should not exceed 3 months. It is learning the basics of a particular craft, after which the final decision about hiring a young employee.