Easier just those who are already studying in absentia – many companies prefer to hire employees and train them literally from scratch. Look at the ads of those companies, the specifics of which coincides with that specialty where you get an education. No matter if the proposed job does not involve special knowledge. Your task-minimum – to get a job in core company, and the maximum objective – to establish itself and after some time to go to work in the specialty and to receive adequate wages.There is such a possibility and those who are only at the beginning of their professional career and haven't even picked what to do. Many companies need young people without educationwho are ready to do some simple work and errands, for example, work couriers, assistants and just managers. This is a great opportunity to learn the "kitchen" of the profession from the inside.Do not have to get an education, to find work for those who love, and, most importantly, knows how to work with your hands. If you are a diligent and reliable worker, you will take pleasure in the construction or clearing company, an enterprise which is engaged in the cultivation of seedlings, etc. In this case, not even worth looking for ads about job, contact the firm.Person with experience of service in the army, you can try to get into a private security firm or security guard on the enterprise. The girl, having no education, you can get a janitor. Willingly will take you to sellers, waitresses, kitchen work or packer on any production.Usually, large industries are always required those who did not claim too high a salary, as a rule, those who do not have special education. If your city has such production, it makes sense to contact the human resources Department and find out about existing vacancies, staff turnover there are always. In this case, you can go to work as a wizard's apprentice, to gain experience and get a working specialty, for which pay will be already absolutely other money.