Look for announcements about seasonal work on specific resources. Typically, temporary jobs begin to appear from late April and early may. Women and students are encouraged to work in a school and country camps, child development center caregivers and entertainers. This work will be of interest to future teachers and psychologists.
If you want to not only make money but also to live in nature, look for ads on the recruitment of domestic staff. Summer in a country house need gardeners and nannies that may live permanently with the children in the country. Such options are attractive by the fact that often, in addition to salary, is provided and full Board employee – accommodation, meals, travel compensation.
Take a walk in the Park. But not in order to rest and to find your potential employers. Summer begins the season of rides and we need people who are willing to work with operators and technical staff. Summer cafe are always ready to accept those who want to work without further extension. By the way, working in a cafe, suitable for combining. Because the main influx of visitors accounts for the evening, which means that you can take in the evening shift without damage to permanent work.
If you are fluent in foreign languages and computer programs, will offer his candidacy to the tourist Agency. In the midst of the holiday season they can recruit "in gain" on popular routes. While employment may be not only office, you can work as a courier, to meet and accompany groups of tourists. Those employees who demonstrate themselves and like the user can renew the contract. As is known, in the travel business the constant turnover of personnel.
Read the announcement on the recruitment of employees in real estate agencies. In the summer there is very hot season, especially in the Department of suburban real estate and land. You can offer to show the facilities to potential buyers. All you need to learn all the technical documentation on the house or land and, of course, to show of rhetoric, and persuasive.
Look to installed in your area tents with kvass and ice cream. As a rule, they immediately posted the ad that is sought by the seller. This work does not require any special skills. You only need to do a medical book.
Charities and volunteer organizations for the summer inviting caring people to work with orphans in special camps. Going to a visiting group of volunteers who conduct free time, doing some kind of art, sport, organize holidays. All live in the camp or a private home. This is a very interesting experience for those who want to start working in the field of charity, meet new interesting people, to share their skills in contacts with children who need attention.