You will need
  • - Access to the Internet.
  • - E-mail.
  • - Business cards.
  • - A summary.
Very often we receive a particular education, was not aware of the intricacies of the future profession. As a result, we risk being boring and low-paid work. To change the world. It is the awareness and desire to change the situation to get pleasure from work, and should be your first step. Think about what you would like to do (throwing the material side). Where do you see yourself in the future? Thinking about which activities you feel good? So you can define a field for future work. You may find that the selected activity is interesting, but will not bring much income. Most often it is not. With due skill, enthusiasm and zeal you can always turn a favorite hobby into a profitable business.
A favorite hobby can become a source of income.
Once you have identified the objectives and scope of activities, select a specific list of works that you would like to perform. Tired of the monotonous office routine? The global labor market is gradually moving in to the home office (home offices), remote working and engaging freelancers. If you have an important flexible schedule, prepare the necessary database to work remotely. Cell phone, laptop, mobile, modem, organizer, quality business cards - all this should always be at hand, because the proposal for new work or project may appear at any time.
To be effective, do not have to spend the whole day in the office.
Do not go the usual way and to rely on recruitment agencies. There you will offer only those jobs that are available. Choose those companies which would like to work. Use the Internet and local business press. Examine the company's corporate website, view the discussion forums to get an idea about the firm from the inside. So you can remotely see how interesting is work to be undertaken.
Make a summary and distribute it by the selected companies. Before the interview make sure you have in advance the answers why would like to work in the firm.
At the interview stay open and friendly.