Even if you have no education, you can earn large sums of money. This can be done in two ways. Either work up a sweat and do all the workthat comes along, or to build a career. He and the other option requires a lot of effort. But without labor to earn money is impossible. And if you want to get a decent salary, you will have to act. The first option. In the labour market there are many jobs that will take anyone, even without education and experience. Of course, every town has its organizations engaged in hiring employees. For example, if you live in a city by the sea, you can get a fisherman or a sorter seafood. This is quite a difficult job, but she is paid very well. If your city is under construction, you can get the handyman, porter or cook. For finishing work also requires people. Painters, for example, often take without any experience. In some spheres of trade, sellers get a good patch. They fold out of a small salary and high interest rates. Of course, much depends on the employer. There is a risk of not getting earned. But if you get a solid company, you will have a good chance to succeed in life. The more expensive the product (service) that you want to sell, the higher the income. To make money the second way, will take time. First determine the position you would like to obtain. It can be any of: programmer, head of Department, accountant, engineer. Now select a few large organizations in which there are positions, even if not free. Sit in one of the companies for any job opening, even the most prestigious. In many places need operators for telephone, secretaries, maintenance workers and managers. Over time, you have to prove that they can work whole heartedly. Not be amiss to show your good learning. Get as much information as possible about the job on which you plan to work in the future. If you put enough effort after a while you will be able to build a career in this organization with absolutely no education. But remember that everything is in your hands. It is not necessary to commit acts about which you may later regret.