If economic specialization is the global and regional economy, people with this education can work in the field of planning of economic activities of enterprises. Such activities are all, without exception, large organizations. A specialist in the field of the world economy can be useful when working in various Executive authorities (the Ministry of economic development, for example), which solved the most important problems of economic development of the country.
Economic education can concern very narrow issues, such as an in-depth study of enterprise Economics, Economics of wage, work, banking, etc. This specialist can get to work in the relevant companies and units, in charge of his education. As a rule, wages for such jobs is quite high, but the demand for such specialists is very limited. Often, these professionals are forced to work not by their specialty.
Multidisciplinary specialists with economic education are in great demand in the labour market. A man versed in the economic issues of many divisions, is a potentially valuable asset to any major company. The fact that a lot depends on the ability of the employee to self-development, his Outlook and experience. In this case most eloquently for such a specialist said his track record and the presence of multiple certificates confirming high qualifications.
When it comes to employment after graduation, the young economist will be useful for any job with a degree in Economics. Especially willing to take on the work of former students of different banks and credit organizations. Most often they will work directly with clients. Sometimes young economists have to go to work with contract information, which is also good experience, as paperwork is the lifeblood of any organization.