Advice 1: Where to go to work the graduate of the Humanities

Mind in the Humanities to be more flexible than the technician, because he operates with a huge vocabulary and the ability of that wealth to use. Modern society lives by the laws of the market, but people with humanitarian education may very well get to succeed, capacity not less than that of tech-savvy applicants.

Where to go to work the graduate of the Humanities

People with humanitarian education in demand in the professions related to the social environment. Humanities is closely connected with psychology, linguistics, Philology, history, political science, journalism, law etc. This wide range allows a graduate to find a that is the profession that appealed to him.

At all times needed people whose work is connected with the study of history, of society and of man's place in them. At the present time do not remain without attention of scientists, who research languages and their origins, customs and culture of different peoples, psychology and the biological nature of man.

We should not forget about the philosophical side of the Humanities. Professions associated with this industry are lack of specificity. From the specialist-philosopher requires creative thinking and rich imagination, these qualities contribute to the emergence of new ideas that help better understand the nature of man. Demand is the ability and in the conditions of market economy, as it allows you to do more effective advertising.

Quite popular is the profession of the historian. His task is the most accurate reproduction of ancient events. From the historian requires a good knowledge of his science, international relations, political science, records management and foreign languages. It is impossible to understand the present without analyzing the past events. It is these relationships researched by historians who warn humanity from possible errors.

Currently very popular psychologists. An employee in this specialty must be familiar with their science and to be quite sociable and competent. Many people resort to the help of a psychologist because of problems in life each person.

A very prestigious humanitarian profession is politics. The task of the employee part of speech in Parliament, the organization of parties, meetings, adoption of government decisions, diplomatic negotiations, participation in election campaigns and many more.

Quite popular creative journalism. To date, various publishing houses, information agencies, Internet publications, Newspapers and magazines, television and radio have many vacancies available for the position.

Advice 2: Where to work after graduation

Employment after higher education or College or University is often associated with various difficulties. Therefore, before you graduate there is often a dilemma - where to go to work after graduation?
Where to work after graduation
Work not on a speciality.
Often life circumstances are such that the graduate has the opportunity to be employed in a straight specialty. This can be due to many reasons, for example: work experience is not in a straight line of specialty to obtain a higher education, of parents and relatives to employ a former student in another area, vision yourself as a professional, I graduate, and so on. However, if the graduate has the skills and opportunity to do something different, what he likes, then this should not be hindered. Job and must like to be fun.
Employment in the chosen specialty.
To find a job after graduation to the position that would be consistent with specialization, quite easily. The only caveat arises from the fact that young specialists of popular professions in the labor market a huge number. For example, there is a huge number of unemployed economists, lawyers, managers, etc. This means that, most likely, the first time to apply for the desired position may fail. But do not worth it, because after several interviews should turn up something which could be the specialty in the received diploma of higher education. It is worth noting that the most competitive, those graduates who had work experience in the specialty at the Institute or University. Therefore, the question of employment should be given on the last training.
If the last student in the study had a permanent source of funds connected with his own business, then why not do them after graduation. Moreover, the study receded into the background, and people will have more opportunities to pursue their passions, which, moreover, brings a stable income.
Useful advice
If the question of employment after University is all very, very bad, you should contact the employment service or staffing Agency. In the first case, placement will be free, but the rate of employment will slow. The Agency will take the applicant's money but employment would be virtually guaranteed.

Advice 3: Where to work as a psychologist

Work as a psychologist has recently attracted quite a large number of people. Experts in the field of human relations are needed in many areas. A growing number of psychological support centres have openings for psychologists in schools and preschools. Considerable help psychologists can provide businesses and other organizations where you want to build a competent staff.
Where to work as a psychologist
You will need
  • - diploma in psychology;
  • - certificate of professional retraining.
Rate the level and quality of their training. As a rule, experts in the field of psychology is prepared according to specific directions. It can be social, medical or legal psychology, conflict management, psychological correction of personality, teaching and many other specialties. To achieve maximum success in the profession, it is necessary to choose the activity that best fits your training.
Contact the territorial employment service at the place of your residence. At the labour exchange you can get detailed information about job vacancies that meet your requirements. Unfortunately, not all jobs can guarantee a decent wage. But as a starting point, work in government or other public institution in the post of psychologist may be a good solution. Gain experience, you will be able to qualify for more interesting, creative and well-paid job.
Offer your services as a psychologist, contact your local Department of education. Work in a secondary school or kindergarten can be a great way to find a job if you don't have enough experience. Almost every school has an appointed psychologist-teacher. Over time, you will be able to try their hand at the private school where skill requirements are quite high.
If you have specialization in the field of clinical psychology, try to contact the local hospital or specialized medical center. Psychologists occupy a special place in the healthcare system, providing assistance to those who have significant health problems. Work here is often tied to behavior correction, rehabilitation of patients after injuries and diseases. Medical psychologist must have developed empathy and be resistant to stress.
Use your knowledge and skills to work as the Manager on work with staff. Forming the personnel Department, heads of many enterprises prefer psychologists. Functional duties of the psychologist of the personnel functions include selection, training and placement. The psychologist on the enterprise can conduct corporate trainings and events for team building, as well as to advising employees on a variety of issues. Working with the staff, there are ample opportunities for creativity.

Advice 4: What does the faculty of Humanities

Training at the faculty of Humanities and the priority role given to the development of the social Sciences, the formation of cultural values, understanding, moral and emotional relationships in society. Distinguish between vocational and General education in the Humanities.
What does the faculty of Humanities
Education in the field of Humanities presupposes the acquisition of knowledge and skills in philosophy, history, linguistics, law, Economics, art history and others. Such education determines the Outlook and the overall level of human development, and for society – is the Foundation of ideological and moral education. Any faculty of education performs cultural and educational task. Without this field of education our lives would be much duller, because thanks to him there are new writers, poets, actors, musicians.

Features of education in the faculty

The specifics of education at the faculty is the high level of humanitarian knowledge, which are relevant at all times. Humanities faculty trains specialists who are successfully competing in the necessary economic conditions.

Currently, the educational process at the faculty is based on the modern techniques, the lectures often attracted the best professionals from Western universities. The faculty conducts preparation of bachelors, the training period is 4 years and masters who study for 6 years. One of the features of training on the humanitarian profile is a thorough study of a foreign language.

Professionals Humanities play an important role in the scientific and cultural cooperation of our country with other world cultural communities.

University of Humanities

University of the Humanities affirms the ideals and values of society, developing cooperation from humanizing the world, teaches and develops the students on the basis of individual freedom. Each University for the Humanities faculties is different:

- culture and arts;
- political science and international relations;
- Philology and foreign languages, and others.

They are chosen based on educational standards of modernity and efficiency of the education received. Of the Humanities become an important part of fundamental education and allow us to have specialists with a broad Outlook.

Education in the Humanities allows you to create non-specialists with a slim, special education, and these individuals with a broad view of the world, nature and man. Humanitarians balance the society does not allow him to sink into moral, spiritual and cultural abyss. Humanitarian universities continue the glorious tradition of value-oriented education.

Advice 5: What is the humanitarian mind

Often in the conversations of young people, and older people, it is possible to notice this explanation for the lack of knowledge in the technical Sciences as a "humanitarian mindset". However, the inclination for the Humanities does not yet specify this type of thinking. Conditional division of all people into "physicists" and "lyricists" is not quite correctly and scientifically.
What is the humanitarian mind

Ability and mindset

Psychologists have established the relationship between the development of the cerebral hemispheres and abilities. Thus, the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for visual-figurative thinking, creative imagination, perception of music, artistic images, etc. the Left hemisphere is responsible for mathematical ability, and logical thinking.

People who have a more developed right hemisphere of the brain, are more inclined to humanitarian Sciences, reasoning, philosophizing. Those who have more development was given to the left hemisphere of the brain, flair for mathematical Sciences, technical subjects and logical reasoning.

But inclination towards humanitarian Sciences do not determine humanitarian mind in humans. Rather, it is simply a consequence of the features that are inherent to the Humanities.

Especially people with humanitarian mindset

Humanists of mind (not in education, know what each specific person or group of people has only a limited view of the world. They realize that there is something else: another perception, another view, another reality, another meaning, another picture of the world, etc. So people after school on each issue providing for one correct solution or proof, easy to University to study a variety of scientific theories or paradigms that explain different the same event or process. But you should not confuse it with love philosophizing and philosophy: the fact that they understand it, does not make them lovers of this discipline. They may not have arts education, and technical, but it is clear to realize how narrow their understanding of the world. Conversely, lovers of books, music, movies, and professional humanists sometimes do not allow the thought that others may be entirely different interests than them.

Another distinctive quality of the people with humanitarian mindset is the ability to interact with others. This is clearly seen in the interaction between those who take someone else's position and someone else's vision, and those who are anything except their own point of view, rejects. If a person is able to comprehend the world of the interlocutor and to establish contact, even without sharing his views, then he is a typical humanist.

Humanist mentality knows that the world is ruled by conventions. When a man finds the answer to the question, he realizes that this is correct only in the given time. Simply put, he realizes that truth does not exist as such, but only the judgments at the moment are revered for the truth.

Humanitarian mindset is often confused with visual-figurative thinking. This type of thinking represents a developed ability to imagine, represent, compare, and accordingly, to understand and accept changes in social life, some new genres of literature, cinema, music. But this does not mean that all people with advanced visual-figurative thinking are the humanitarians of mind.

Advice 6: Someone people can work with a humanitarian mindset

People with humanitarian mindset on the planet, about half the total population. They work in various fields, but is best suited to those activities that are not strongly related to computing, technology and complex logical reasoning.
Someone people can work with a humanitarian mindset
Humanitarians can work in the field of Philology and linguistics. It is a vast area of activities, and employs teachers of Russian and foreign languages, teachers of literature, journalists, writers, copywriters, editors, proofreaders, translators. In people with humanitarian mindset better to recreate mental images, to dream, colorfully describing what is happening, they have well-developed speech, which is why they are so successful in these areas.
Humanitarian are almost all professions associated with the work, e.g., designer, artist, art historian, tour guide, actor, Director, musician, singer. The creation of art objects, though does not bring practical benefit to mankind, not less valuable, than the creation and exploitation of technical and electronic means. Therefore true art, his figures sometimes so popular and you can earn great condition. Could this, however, is not all, no wonder it is considered that this area of success is harder to achieve than in the business.
Very successful there are humanists in the field of law and Economics. Although the economy is quite controversial to attribute to purely human Sciences, even people without a technical mindset to become great economists. In addition, they can work with lawyers, lawyers, historians. Wherever you need a broad view of current realities or historical events, helps humanitarian thinking.
With knowledge of the laws, economic conditions and historical past of the country is closely connected public service. Therefore, in the Parliament, the Federation Council, political parties can meet so many historians, political scientists, lawyers and economists. For some leaders of humanitarian education, which, moreover, are on the side of true creativity, care policy is a good opportunity to prove yourself and to achieve real success.
People with humanitarian mindset become excellent doctors and psychologists. Some of them are well aware of the human soul, able to be compassionate, to listen and to understand people, to understand the complex relationships and emotional traumas, and the second well heal the human body. By the way, the knowledge of the human soul in deviant behavior, the desire to get to the truth and a deep knowledge of psychology - it features the beautiful police detectives and investigators of all ranks.
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