Advice 1: Where to go with a legal background, in addition lawyer

Legal education does not limit the choice of work, but rather opens up many possibilities for implementation. You can consider jobs in government agencies, in teaching, insurance and many others.
Where to go with a legal background, in addition lawyer

Work in state bodies

You can go to work in a legal office, and to public authorities, it is here often possible to meet graduates of the faculties of law.
The lawyer is a Manager, so it can work anywhere. This specialty allows us to expand the boundaries of its activities and work in completely different areas.

With such a diploma can get anywhere in the municipality, state administration, municipal employees. The choice is up to you, and choose future let you should own.

With a legal education can work in a Pension Fund or the Fund for social insurance.
Get ready for that several years salary you will not please, but if you devote the work in government most of my life, I can go up the career ladder.

A law degree will contribute to quality work in the service of judicial bailiffs, the police, as an investigator in the Prosecutor's office.

It should be noted that an advantage when applying for a job are those who being a student of 3-4 courses, thought about the prospects, gaining experience on simple legal positions.


If the applicant was always interested in the insurance industry and he has a desire to be in constant motion, to communicate with new people, it is safe to apply to the insurance company. The formation of a lawyer will be useful in this work, it will help to avoid discomfort while dealing with customers at first, and to avoid legal errors.


If you want to try yourself in teaching, then you need to devote time to the improvement of knowledge, start writing a research paper. Writing and protecting it, you can become a lecturer in College or University.

If you want to teach children the law, it will not be difficult from a legal education to apply for the vacancy of a teacher in school. Such work will please you and give lots of positive emotions.

Assistant Manager

If you don't want to connect the life with work in the legal field, then you can apply for the vacancy of assistant Manager. Today it is considered very prestigious. With the skills obtained in law school, you will be able to easily and quickly cope with any task. The assistant Manager is his right hand, and if you show yourself only the good side, you'll be promoted and be transferred to a higher position.

Advice 2 : How to go to law school

The lawyer is a specialist in the field of law, which was and remains popular in the current system, despite layoffs during the economic crisis. How should we act in order to receive a legal education?
How to go to law school
You will need
  • - application for admission to the University;
  • - results of examinations;
  • - characteristic;
  • - passport;
  • - photo;
  • - medical certificate;
Hand over unified state examination in the following subjects: Russian language, mathematics and social studies. It is a compulsory subject for admission to law school, although some may have their own conditions, so you should know them in advance. You need to prepare for the delivery of these exams, as more high gives the right to study on the daily budget Department of most universities.
Find out in advance about this moment. If you are sure that you will be able to prepare themselves, use the services of a tutor or enroll in an exam preparation. Every day you complete practice tests of the exam, and soon you will be able to reach the level of 80-90 points, which may well be enough for entering it on a budget. But still never stop.
Remember that if you are for 1-2 years enrolled in the preparatory courses of the Institute you want to do after school, it will give you a big advantage over other pupils. First, you will get acquainted closer with the subjects of the first course. Secondly, you will be better positioned to understand the science, and, as a consequence, it will pass successfully in the exam. Courses are paid, but they can compete on price with the services of a private tutor.
Apply the law faculty after school (or secondary education) and exam. You will need a passport (copy), photos (3-4), passport, characterization, and medical certificate. Once you complete the enrollment procedure (1-2 months), you will be given a student ID and you will be able to start training.
Pass the entrance exam to law school. This is the second option of enrollment in addition to the exam. However, remember that the poor results you can count on commercial place.
In law school, you can study from 4 to 5 years and be either a specialist or a bachelor. Although recent trends tend to the second option.

Advice 3 : Where to go to get the second higher

Not always education, acquired in his early youth, it is enough for a successful career. Therefore, more and more people are pursuing a second degree. It is important to choose a good training program and a suitable University.
Where to go to get the second higher
Select specialty where you can get a higher education.

Most often, the universities offer special programs second higher education on legal and economic fields. But your options are not limited. Some universities offer to get a second degree in information technology, translation and other areas. Besides, there is always the possibility to go to College on a General basis, along with those who recently graduated from high school, but in this case you will have to study at least 4 years before receiving the bachelor's degree, or to enroll immediately in graduate school.
Find a suitable training program.

In most universities there are part-time and evening training programs suitable for working people. But keep in mind that distance learning will be difficult to obtain the de level of knowledge, and full-time. A suitable compromise could be formal education. Be especially careful when choosing a MBA program. This training for senior management can be a good alternative to the second higher economic education, but it is important to know if you give high-quality knowledge. Business school with the best reputation are in the US, but if you have no money or time to go there, you can find the program in Russia. Best before final selection to meet the specific graduates of the MBA programme and discuss with them whether they are satisfied with the training.
Pay attention to the financial component of learning.

Although under Russian law, you are entitled to only one higher education due to the budget, there is a way to save money. If you received a diploma, in some universities you would be prepared to accept in the budget Department in the graduate school. However, in this case you have to study a specialty that is close to your first education, and also to participate in the contest, which can be quite complex.

Advice 4 : Where to get legal education

Legal education can best get in one of the three largest law schools in Russia, located in Moscow. An attractive possibility is to obtain a good education abroad.
Where to get legal education
The question of choosing a particular institution to obtain a legal education does not lose its relevance, since this activity remains attractive and promising in our country. It is recommended to give preference to universities that are training in a different direction for the future of the legal profession, provide practical application of acquired skills. To distinguish between relevant educational institutions is usually quite easy, since in their composition there are some institutions or professions that are dedicated to various spheres of application of the acquired knowledge (e.g. the prosecution service, the justice Institute, the Institute of international law).

Where located-reputed educational institutions

The best quality of legal education in Russia are three educational institutions that are located in the capital. To them traditionally will include the Moscow state law Academy, Moscow state Institute of international relations under the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, legal faculty of the Moscow state University. These universities occupy the first place in the rankings measuring the quality of educational services in the legal field. That they should pay attention to those students who want to be really popular in the legal field, to obtain specialized education, to consolidate the acquired skills in practical activities, including the possibility of internships in other States. If the prospect of moving to study in the capital region is missing, it is recommended to choose as a place to receive this education law schools in state universities located in regional centres.

Is it worth it to get a law degree abroad

Higher legal education in some European countries traditionally valued by major employers and subsequently allows to work in large international companies. The main problem in this case is the necessity of incurring substantial costs for accommodation, training in another country. If the applicant cannot afford the tuition at Harvard or Oxford University, it is recommended to choose the law faculties in the educational institutions of Eastern Europe. Thus, the high quality demand and the relatively low cost of different education in the law faculties of Prague or Cracow University.
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