Advice 1: Where to go with a legal background, in addition lawyer

Legal education does not limit the choice of work, but rather opens up many possibilities for implementation. You can consider jobs in government agencies, in teaching, insurance and many others.
Where to go with a legal background, in addition lawyer

Work in state bodies

You can go to work in a legal office, and to public authorities, it is here often possible to meet graduates of the faculties of law.
The lawyer is a Manager, so it can work anywhere. This specialty allows us to expand the boundaries of its activities and work in completely different areas.

With such a diploma can get anywhere in the municipality, state administration, municipal employees. The choice is up to you, and choose future let you should own.

With a legal education can work in a Pension Fund or the Fund for social insurance.
Get ready for that several years salary you will not please, but if you devote the work in government most of my life, I can go up the career ladder.

A law degree will contribute to quality work in the service of judicial bailiffs, the police, as an investigator in the Prosecutor's office.

It should be noted that an advantage when applying for a job are those who being a student of 3-4 courses, thought about the prospects, gaining experience on simple legal positions.


If the applicant was always interested in the insurance industry and he has a desire to be in constant motion, to communicate with new people, it is safe to apply to the insurance company. The formation of a lawyer will be useful in this work, it will help to avoid discomfort while dealing with customers at first, and to avoid legal errors.


If you want to try yourself in teaching, then you need to devote time to the improvement of knowledge, start writing a research paper. Writing and protecting it, you can become a lecturer in College or University.

If you want to teach children the law, it will not be difficult from a legal education to apply for the vacancy of a teacher in school. Such work will please you and give lots of positive emotions.

Assistant Manager

If you don't want to connect the life with work in the legal field, then you can apply for the vacancy of assistant Manager. Today it is considered very prestigious. With the skills obtained in law school, you will be able to easily and quickly cope with any task. The assistant Manager is his right hand, and if you show yourself only the good side, you'll be promoted and be transferred to a higher position.

Advice 2 : Where to get a lawyer

To find a job lawyer as well as representatives of some other professions, it is difficult. Since many organizations require experience. But where it to take and what organizations to get a beginning lawyer?
Where to get a lawyer
The work lawyer needs to start during the training of this specialty, at least 3 of the course. Perhaps the first time will have to work for free or for small salaries, but will not have problems to determine the place of internship and will have at least some experience.Job search lawyer should start with law firms. Make a list of all offices for information services and call them, offering their services. In advance, prepare a few summary of options suitable for each individual office. If you decide not to call them, but you can get around all by yourself, you will need business cards. In legal firms you can get as a paralegal or working with clients.Some schools choose to share with the enterprise for practice as a lawyer. In this case, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to get to work. For this you need to show all their skills may not be in legal matters, but the ability to get along with people, to communicate, to properly maintain records and be responsible. Then you can notice and cooperate with you in the future.Another way to find a job lawyer to appeal to the state authorities. For example, the police. The police from time to time required by investigators. Some lawyers start with this profession. But there is also important experience. And the third way is to find out about jobs of a lawyer at the enterprises with the legal Department. They can work, for example, a consultant. If you are in training or have a husband/parents that you will be able to provide, do not give up working for free. It is important to gain experience, to achieve good characteristics from a work place, and then go to "free floating", where you will assess their capabilities and in accordance with them will find a high-paying job. And, perhaps, open his own law firm.Job search lawyer must be accompanied by patience, endurance and hope. In many enterprises, you will hear rejection, but do not despair. The main thing is to keep looking and wait for the happy accident.

Advice 3 : Where to go to student work

Students - is an amazing time when a person to digest the knowledge that they are used in everyday working life. Often the desire to have earnings occurs and during the study. But employment for a student is quite a serious problem.
Where to go to student work
Option 1. Unskilled labor.
The student can go to work where there are no requirements for education and qualification of the employee. The student can get a job as a waiter, salesman, promoter, telephone operator or someone else for whom the training is on the job. This condition is often stipulated in the declarations of employers, who are interested in a new workforce. But there are some nuances. In order to be able to study and work at the same time, it is necessary to look for employment with flexible work schedule. Not all employers are willing to go for it, so when you interview the students definitely need to discuss with a potential employer this time. Another issue is the timeliness of payment. The employer is interested in how to save labor costs to a layman. Therefore, at the conclusion of the employment contract is necessary to clarify the conditions of payment. Another point - the General availability of the employment contract. In no case can not agree to a job where denied in the conclusion itself.
Option 2. Employment in the specialty.
This is a very difficult option of employment for the student. Rare the employer will agree to hire, for example, economist with higher education, but still with a flexible work schedule. But if the student intends to work even before the receipt of diploma of higher education will have a seriously tough time proving their mettle. Will have to go through many interviews to go through many failures and, as is often the case, to agree to less favorable working conditions than we would like. But in this case a student has a significant advantage over other future colleagues in the profession - he's a specialist. And this is confirmed by the entry in the workbook. So, if you are already a graduate will resign from his first job where he was already working in the specialty, and willing to settle in a new place, it will have a serious advantage over other graduates his specialty.
Option 3. Your business.
This is a very interesting way to earn money for the student. But unlike the first two methods of employment, everything will depend on the personal initiative of the person from his or her current knowledge and skills. For starting one's own business, regardless of its specifics, will have to sacrifice some study time. Or the rest of the time, if we are talking about renting some premises, employment of own staff, etc. So you need to weigh all the pros and cons before you undertake it. Another thing, if we are talking about a business that is not tied to a particular place, time and people. This is an Internet business, the execution of various works at home, providing various services to remote clients. The best example of such employment the profession of a freelancer. This can be the custom writing texts on a specific topic, writing software, translations from foreign languages, etc. it All depends on the skills of the student. The advantage of such employment is that if the graduate will not be able to get a job with a degree, without work, he still will remain, after all, is the business he loves and knows how to do.

Advice 4 : Where to go to study as the investigator

To the investigators in Russia are twofold, some believe they are the defenders of society, someone – on the contrary, claims that they are good for nothing. If you wish to obtain this profession, remember that investigators must be able to start a dialogue with any people, because they have to deal with people from various segments of the population.
For diligent service investigator you can get a raise
According to the criminal procedure code, the investigator is a participant in the process of consideration of the criminal case, representing the prosecution. It is in the competence of the investigator is the procedure of excitation of criminal cases and further work with them. To become an investigator, you need to get a higher education at the University of the interior Ministry.
During the training you will have to do an internship in the investigations division, and if you zarekomenduete itself from the best side, you will have to wait in the police force after graduation. In some cases, the most distinguished students take a job in the police immediately after the practice. The only disadvantage of this method – will have to combine the annual tests and constant travel. Once every 12 months will have to be verified on physical training, combat skills, and the firing of personal weapons.
For admission to higher education of the Ministry of interior you will need to pass the exam in Russian language, mathematics, history, social studies and foreign language. At the moment the most famous Russian University, training of investigators, the Academy of economic security interior of Russia, located in Moscow. If you are officially registered in the capital, the University can provide you with a hostel for the training period.
When choosing a school be sure to pay attention to the Academy of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the training of investigators and intelligence personnel. Despite the fact that in AFSB quite difficult, you should try to become a student of this University, because the quality of education here is quite high. After graduating from this University, you have the right to work is not only an investigator in the police Department, but also to the more prestigious positions in FSB.
If you do not want to move to the capital to study, the best option for you can become the branches of the Moscow financial-legal Academy, located in many cities of Russia. This University offers a small number of budget places, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay for it. After receiving the bachelor's degree you are eligible to continue their studies and defend a master's thesis.

Advice 5 : Where to go to work lawyer

A lawyer is a common profession. A lot of people in Russia are studying this case, as I believe that such a prestigious profession. Yes, and work for lawyers right now is more than enough.
Where to go to work lawyer
Depending on the specialization of law you can choose the place of work for everyone. Good practice for gaining experience may be work in the court Secretary. The cases in trials provides practical skill – over time, the specialist begins well-versed in procedural aspects, and legislation. Practical experience in the career of lawyer is very important.
To gain experience and also suitable work as a paralegal. Here you can learn all the pitfalls of lawyer careers. After 5 years of professional experience, you might think about self-career lawyer. If you look at the work, judging by the prices of the Collegium of advocates can be good enough to earn. But to join the Panel do not have, you can register with the tax authorities as an individual entrepreneur and to provide legal services. To represent the interests of the client by a notarized power of attorney.
Another option for the lawyer is to work in any private firm. Checking of contracts, transactions, trips to the court of Arbitration, legal support of the organization's activities – that is the work of a lawyer in this field. However, such earnings, most of all, choose people that have just finished or that educational institution, as the income of a lawyer working in a small private company is usually not high.
Specialization in civil law it is useful to work in the municipality. Activity in this area is varied, requires knowledge and speed decision-making. There you can try your hand at the protection of consumer rights, in this work we need patience and the ability to work with people. A good professional with the knowledge required to apply them in practice and find a job you love.

Advice 6 : How to become a teacher in high school

Teacher of higher educational institution is honorable and prestigious profession. The path to a successful career of the teacher makes the nominee to go through many stages and procedures.
How to become a teacher in high school

After graduation

The main way to obtain teaching positions at the University involves, first of all, the ending of this University. In the process of learning, if a student gets high scores, involved in student conferences and is actively working in the University environment, he can get the Department work assistant.

PhD and associate Professor on the path to teaching

After finishing undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in graduate school with the aim of improving their skills. There he passes his state exams and after defending his doctoral dissertation he became a senior lecturer, and he was awarded the degree of candidate of Sciences. After the approval of the all-Russian Attestation Commission of the PhD thesis the graduate student must submit a petition to the academic rank of associate Professor.

The rank of associate Professor is given forever and gives the right teaching at the University. It is assigned by the academic Council of the University and approved by the Federal service for supervision in education and science. Associate Professor conducts scientific and methodical work, lectures, supervises independent study and research work of students.

His professorship

If there is a desire to go further on the career ladder, you can enter the doctoral studies and defend doctoral thesis there. This is a very complex procedure, but the degree of doctor of science teacher opens up many new possibilities: it has the right to work in the University as much as he wants; he supervises graduate students; he gets a higher salary.

In addition to the academic rank of Professor, in modern Russia there is a professorship that is awarded only at the time of employment, and granted to persons who have passed the competitive selection and approved by the academic Council of the University.

Other ways

To graduate from the pedagogical University – the most direct route to the teachers. But the way this is not the only one.

In order to become a practicing teacher, sometimes not even need degrees. Instructors well-versed in his subject. Often already during the training period, many students are engaged in tutoring practice, that the experience greatly improves their professional competence. If you want you can acquire modern teaching methods.

Actively developing today, and business training. Business coaches become both humanists, and technicians with skills of manipulating the audience and transmission of information, accumulated experience in the business.
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