Option 1. Civil law.
Legal education may relate to aspects of civil law. Its scope includes the regulation of all property and non-property relations. This is one of the most actively developing fields of law in Russia. Lawyer specializing in civil law, can operate independently, having my law practice and to be employed in a legal organization dedicated to protecting the civil rights of the population. The younger the specialist, the less opportunities he has to get a good position in a law firm. The most that he can trust - consultation of citizens on various aspects of civil law. In the future he can start a legal practice, protecting the rights of citizens in the courts.
Option 2. Criminal law.
Upon graduation the graduate can get a law degree in the specializations which will indicate the criminal law. This means that he is a straight road to law enforcement agencies and the industry office. Salary will be quite low, but the work in these instances may be considered a public service. If graduate unable to get back to work, he can go into private legal organizations engaged in legal protection under the criminal law. You can get to work in human rights organizations, but do not forget about their special status in the Russian Federation.
Option 3. Features of legal education.
In our country there are many branches of law. A person with a legal background, is able much faster to understand various branches of law faster than would people with any other education. This means that the lawyer is able to work in all areas of law. It all depends on what of them it is familiar to most. Criminal and civil law has a much larger range of applications than others, so they are mentioned separately.