The examination in social studies is a basic subject included in the list handed over examinations required by many universities. You should understand what specific set of exams, the future , the applicant will pass. Russian language and mathematics should be based, as they are compulsory subjects.If you add to this collection only social science, it is one of the most prestigious specialties of the open economy. But this is not to say that the economist is narrow and undervalued specialty that is not listed on the labor market. The economist - a broad concept that contains many so-called derived fields. Thus, selecting a specialization of an economist to be admitted to: accounting analysis and audit; Finance and credit; trade; world economy; financial management; economic education; personnel management and so on.
Making a choice in favor of such majors as psychology and sociology, you can do the following faculties: faculty of psychology; sociology; pedagogy.
Complementing the collection of exams in history, added such professions as law, philosophy, political science, conflictology and some institutions, services and advertising. If you replace the story in a foreign language or literature, then waiting for Philology, faculty of foreign languages, faculty of culture and art.
The set of social science, chemistry and biology, provides the opportunity to enroll in the medical, environmental, well, perhaps sportpack. Grouping social studies, geography and physics, opens the door to the physico-mathematical, geographical, tourist, agricultural and technical.