Select the specialty that you want to. In secondary special educational institutions - the colleges - there is a wide range of professions. You can become an accountant, a paralegal, a nurse, even to teacher education that enables you to work in a kindergarten or in elementary school. In addition, there are training programs for working professions. After school and College you can finish high school, enrolling in special short training program or passed the General competition. Keep in mind that the period of study in colleges may differ depending on the profession - 2 years while receiving many working professions up to 4 years in medical or College of music.
Find the suitable College or technical school for training. Use the search on the Internet or purchase a collection of the entrant with a list of universities and colleges of your city. Call the admission offices of colleges and find out the conditions of admission of students. In most cases the training after the 9th grade shall be at the expense of the budget, but there are exceptions, so ask about the cost of training. Also find out the list and schedule of exams and deadlines.
If you want to go to College, find out whether College bound in the desired University partnerships. In some cases after the end of this College you will be able to enter the University on an abbreviated program, examinations. Also you will be able to read the items that you have already studied in College.