You will need
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - results of unified state examination on mathematics, Russian language and social studies.
If you decide to become a customs officer, is to choose an educational institution which prepares such specialists. To get the profession on the basis of 9 classes (College), and after the 11th grade in high school, with a faculty of customs Affairs. The Internet page "Database of higher education institutions of the Russian Federation" you can see the list of institutions where it is possible to learn to be a customs officer. Clicking on any of the links, you'll discover detailed information about the University contacts its responsible persons.
Please note that the specialty "Customs" is quite popular now. When entering the budget office average competition — five people in the place. In Moscow specialists of this profile cook for about 10 schools. The specialty is interdisciplinary, i.e. in the curriculum will be math, and the Humanities.
Duration of training in this specialty at the day Department of the University is 5 years. Interested persons can also study by correspondence and evening classes. Minimal cost of training for the commercial Department fee is 60 000 rubles per year. The cost varies from University to University and learning.
Entrance exams are the results of the exam in mathematics, Russian language and social studies. Specializations available at the faculty: "customs payments and currency control", "commodity research and customs expertise" and "economic security."
After the main course in almost all universities have the opportunity to continue post-graduate studies on economic, management and legal professions.
If you wish to study after the 9th grade, find it in the Internet catalogue of relevant educational institutions, preparing for customs. An example of such an institution can serve the Metropolitan Business College with an official website with detailed information for applicants.