Talk to your friends. About twenty years ago buying and subsequent selling of icons was quite lucrative. People, as a rule, private individuals, bought them, restored and further searches for a buyer. Talk to your friends, perhaps someone from their entourage will be interested in your offer.
Use the Internet. Place an ad online at special sites, where you can buy and sell used items. Review the offer to purchase icons. You will be able to contact multiple people or organizations, and to sell to the interested person the icon.
Sell the icon to the Church. For this we turn to the warden or Dean, be sure to show the icon to people imagined what was going on. However, there is one point – do not assume that the Church immediately accepts the offer, you can get a waiver.
Go to an antique shop. Here you'll find most interesting things, including old icons. The appraiser will examine your picture and call the price that a store is willing to offer. Do not rush to sell the icon immediately, go around a few more places to eventually sell the icon as advantageous as possible.
Go to the store icons. There are certain organizations that spetsializiruyutsya on the sale of icons. There is a high probability that your icon will buy it for a good amount.