Take a picture of the pattern and its reverse direction or the reproduction, the authorship of which you are interested in. To determine the authorship of a reproduction of the picture, usually it is enough to visit the site or ("Grand gallery"), to register and upload an image.
Even if you decide to contact the experts directly in order to determine who is the author of the picture, does not show a picture (not a reproduction) at the first visit. First let expert determine, a valuable painting or not, in her image. Professionals will not take money with you to figure out whether to perform a multi-step examination or not. If the canvas is really a material or historical value, experts will tell you about it directly. But all the details you can find out only after a thorough examination of the original.
Usually examination takes place in several stages:- technological expertise (definition creation time of the picture at the Dating evidence). At this stage examines the basis, ground, paint layer, a binder layer;- art examination and attribution (attribution) works of art. Studied painting technique.- assessment pattern (on customer request).
You can agree with the experts via the Internet, by accessing, for example, on the website where you can make an application for examination of paintings. In this case, the experts will call you and tell you how to proceed: to carry out the examination at home or in the lab.
If you assume that the painting was created relatively recently (in the XX century) and want to submit your picture to third parties, see and fill in the application form, specifying the following parameters:- material and technique of painting (canvas, paper, cardboard, oil, pastel, pencil, watercolor, etc.); - the size vertically and horizontally;- the approximate time of creation (at the turn of XIX-XX centuries, the middle of XX century, etc.); - signatures, labels, tags, stamps in the picture and its back side;- as pictures (breakouts, scrapes, slides);- any other information useful for the attribution of the painting.Attach to the application high-quality photos pictures, its reverse side and (if any) signature of the artist.