You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the decision of the municipality;
  • - the SES;
  • - conclusion of public utilities;
  • - the conclusion of fire safety;
  • - lease agreement.
To rent the basement, contact the housing Department. Write a statement in which you state the purpose of the lease and the terms on which you want to use a basement. If the house is owned by the municipality, the responsible representatives of the housing Department will contact the local administration.
The local municipality will make a decision on the lease. But before you sign a rental agreement, you must obtain the decision of the authorities of the district fire inspection, SES, and public utilities. Since the basement is the living room, without the permission of the specified services, it cannot be used for any purpose except for household needs.
After receiving all permits and regulations, contact personally to the local administration. Sign a rental agreement. The contract will detail all the terms of the lease, payment terms, rights and obligations of the parties. If the contract does not contain clauses on the rights and obligations of the parties, they stem from a number of articles of the Civil code of the Russian Federation concerning the lease of any premises.
If the cellar belongs to the house where all or most of the apartments are decorated in a private property, for rent basement contact in the housing Department. Write a statement. Responsible representative of the housing Department notify tenants about the General meeting where all owners will make a decision about the possibility of renting the basement by a vote.
If the majority of owners made the decision to surrender the basement premises to rent, the rental agreement you will sign with representatives of the owner of the house. But in any case you need the SES, firefighters and municipal services responsible for the repairs.
The amount of the rent for the basement would go to the expense of repayment of house counters of heat, water, gas, etc. and repair of common areas, which include stairwells, stairs, house territory.