The cost of the icon is influenced by several factors. First, is the way in which it was made. If the icon is painted by hand, its cost will be much more than the icons that are printed on dense paper or canvas. Of course, the latter option is less costly and time consuming, but the icon thus created, will not carry absolutely no spiritual and artistic value. Absolutely another thing is the pieces are handmade. They spiritualized and completely impregnated with the Supreme divine power.
The price of the icon depends on its size. Size can be very different: tiny (fits the palm), middle (usually placed on bookshelves, tables, etc.) or large (takes up the entire wall). Naturally, the cost of production of the large icons will be larger and, consequently, its cost will be higher.
Combining two of the above factors, one can determine the approximate value of Church paintings. Thus, the smallest icon size 14х11см can cost 500-1000 rubles (if printed on canvas), and 8-9 thousand if made by the author. The large icons in the first case will be evaluated in 2000-3000 rubles, and the second – 15000-18000 rubles.
The cost of delivery will affect the materials used. For example, the image covered with gold leaf, will cost more than the usual works, painted colors. In short, when calculating the product cost takes into account the type of wood used, the paint and protective coating. If you want to order an icon of the best quality, keep in mind that it will cost you more than 12,000-15,000 rubles.
In addition, the price of the icon may directly depend on the complexity of the depicted images. So, to write the monk will be easier and faster than the Saint. This is because the latter is richer clothing, which requires the author to more careful and painstaking drawing.
The cost of the icon is also affected by the number of inscribed images, the presence of various ornaments, assists (touches, depicted on the folds of clothing, angels wings, feathers made of foil of gold or silver), engraved and more. If all this is in the Church there is one, its cost can exceed 20,000 rubles.
Not the last role in the value of the icon plays the technique of writing and the skill and credibility of the painter.