The best place for icons in the house – the red corner. It was here, according to tradition, is the iconostasis, ecclesiastical literature, candles or lamps and the cross. Red corner house – is the wall opposite the entrance to the room. The location was no coincidence; everyone included may worship the images, not looking for them for a long time in all corners. It is better that the space in front of the iconostasis was free and allowed to stand in prayer for all family members and guests at the same time.
The altar is on the East side, as well it should have the icon of the house, praying to stood face to the East. However, if you do not have a suitable location for the images in the Eastern part of the apartment, you can hang them in any other place. It is important that it wasn't a dull area, in which sunlight cannot reach, and the wall that the icon will decorate and make it lighter. Icon to hang on an ordinary nail and set on a special shelf next to the other icons. If the icons in the house a lot you can do for them special iconostasis. Importantly, the process of collecting images does not become mere collecting. After all, their purpose is very different, and there is no relationship between the number of icons in the house and piety of its inhabitants.
It is not necessary to install the icons among the books on the shelves and in the shelves of the cabinets mixed with the cosmetics, figurines and photos of family. Also can't put icons next to the toilet or in a series of paintings and other works of art. Remember that the icon is not a beautiful picture and not just the image. The purpose of an icon in the house – saving of reverence and faith, and sacred protection. In the bedroom of the spouses of the icon positioning is possible, despite the erroneous belief of many that it's sinful.