Options of icons that you can give the man a lot, because for the choice you need to know in advance the date of the baptism of the donee, and most importantly - to think what now needs this man, what kind of spiritual assistance he needs.


Most often men give icons. They represent the image of the Saint, whose name was called the person at baptism. Indeed this Saint is his patron Saint throughout life. This icon can give at any time and almost any holiday, in Orthodoxy, it is very important. Registered icon can be any size and design. This will protect the person, each time turning to his patron, he will receive the necessary assistance and support.


Another icon, which is considered to give men, is the Holy face. It symbolizes Christ, because for many Christians it is the way of faith and salvation. Even if a person rarely attends Church, he can always go to the icon and pray before it. Vernicle is a special image of Christ, is the canonical symbol of Christianity in Russia, consolation and help to anyone in his life.

The icon of the Patron Saint in business

There is an icon of the Patron Saint in business, you can refer to it for help in a difficult employment. Men decided to give the icon to support the saints in a difficult situation, because the man is the breadwinner in the family. In different spheres of activity have their own Patron Saints, there is no specific classification, but before purchasing such icons it is best to read the information and find the Saint whose activities are connected with the activity of the man who is to receive the gift. [sidebar#1

The Face Of St. Nicholas

One of the most famous and beloved Orthodox saints – Saint Nicholas, is the way, which is also suitable for a gift to the man. It is a quick helper and intercessor of the faithful. It is especially important to have this icon travelers or those people whose activities are connected with long roads, whether by land or water. It is necessary for all those who may be subjected to danger.
When you pray Angels guide man to the right spiritual path, they are the intercessors before God and the influence of evil forces.

The man, whose life often there are unforeseen circumstances, temptations and the various risk, it is recommended to give the icon of the Holy Guardian angel. Guardian angel of Lord puts to the person at baptism to protect and help in his life, he cares about the person he always invisibly beside him.