What country has the best climate

In the world there are many places that will appeal to the man. If you love sun and sea, Belize, Mexico or Spain. If you prefer clean air and mountain scenery, you may want to look towards Chile, Ecuador and Italy.

Sometimes choose the best place for human life can not be right, it's not an easy task. To deal with this once and for all, experts from International Living examined 192 countries and made a rating called "the Best climate on Earth" (The best climate on Earth). According to these data, the best and the mild climate on Earth in Zimbabwe and Malta.

The British Economist Intelligence Unit conducted its own study and made a rating of the most comfortable cities in the world. The last place it took Zimbabwe's capital, Harare. Followed at a lower place is Dhaka in Bangladesh, Lagos in Nigeria, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. In total the rating includes 140 countries. The first was Melbourne in Australia, the second — Vienna in Austria, the third — a Vancouver in Canada.

What places are "correct"

Gerontologists believe that people with a life expectancy that exceeds the average, are simply in the "right" places. For a long time it was believed that people live the longest in the mountains. But recently it was found that the thin air of high mountains is not the best way affects the body, and "Caucasian longevity" is actually nothing like fiction.

For the body is very healthy sea air. It is free from harmful contaminants, ozonated and absorbs emissions. The best climate is reasonably considered to be moderately continental, because there are no sudden changes in average annual and average daily temperatures. Because of this, the highest life expectancy observed in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and Finland.

However, there is in modern gerontology and several paradoxes. For example, scientists plunges into a stupor harsh climate of Yakutia. It is extreme, but the life expectancy of people living here is the highest in Russia.


If you still haven't decided which place on the planet to choose to stay, pay attention to the ranking of countries with the best climate. This list includes Malta, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, France and Italy. If finances allow, in each of these countries you can feel great for many years.