If you want to get the money for the embroidery, take care to correctly apply it to potential buyers. Laying out photos of their work online, remember that photo is the face of your embroidery, and it is the quality of the pictures depends on whether the purchasers of the product.
It is best to use the services of a professional photographer as embroidery, especially if it is made of beads, it is difficult to photograph the beautiful ordinary camera.
Specify the actual price, which corresponds to the cost of the work, and it is accessible to others. Don't make prices too high – the first time it can scare people away.
Calculating the cost of embroidery, fold along the price of the canvas, thread or beads, diagrams, and of course, your time. Count how many hours you spent on the embroidery and ensure that every hour in cash.
Remember correctly and describe in detail work. Detailed description of the features and characteristics of the work should be exhaustive – such that the buyer, not asking unnecessary questions, I could understand if he needed this sale. Always specify the size of the embroidery frame and without it, and your contact information.
Post your work on a variety of hand-made portals, online stores, sites that wizard put up for sale their products.
Post ads in blogs and on message boards about the unique selling embroidered paintings, try to go to online shopping for unusual gifts. It will bring you renown and will help to find buyers.