Advice 1: Talking about the fallen icon

Signs of people were formed throughout long centuries. People observed nature, animals and events that led to certain consequences. Many of the conclusions and assumptions reached our days almost unchanged. For example, the loss of a pectoral cross or a sudden drop of the icon is necessarily associated with bad news. But waiting for sorrow is not always.

National sign – the fallen icon

The person who found the fallen icon, immediately thinks about possible bad news. It is connected with the ancient belief that God thus warns of death or serious illness of someone close relatives.

In addition, the fallen icon could Herald a less tragic but still sad changes – setbacks, bad news, a series of misfortunes and troubles. However, this sign is ambiguous in its interpretation. The Church does not approve of everything connected with magic and witchcraft. Omens is a superstition that also not accepted by the Church. That is why, a believer will never suffer in expectation of troubles, and will pay more attention to the mount or the stand.
If during the fall the icon is crashed, it must be attributed to Church and ask the priest. Never dispose of consecrated and religious items in the trash.

In some sources it is possible to meet the assumption that the fallen icon may hint to the owner about his mental or moral decline. In this case it is necessary to go to Church and repent their sins. Words of apology should say and the icon itself.

Signs the Church appreciates as a sign of "evil" in which evil forces are preventing people to perform good deeds. For example, if a person goes on the road or conceives any good deed, a fallen icon can largely change its mood and plans. Psychologically people will have to wait for trouble and, quite likely, will refuse from doing things that could only bring joy and happiness.

What to do if the icon has fallen

If you find that the icon has fallen, then first of all try not to think immediately about the poor. First, objectively assess the situation. Drop the icon, maybe because of poor attachment, or too smooth surface. If your home has animals, birds, or little children, they could be the cause of her fall because of their negligence or inattention. Maybe you are, wiping the dust, for example, accidentally touched the icon. In such situations, to think about the warning from above, not too logical. It's a banal everyday situation that could happen to anyone.
If the icon falls in your dream, interpreted this dream as a warning of complete failure.

Second, if you are unable to determine the cause of the fall of the icon, and mental anguish do not leave your imagination, use old method. Gently lift the icon, slightly to Pat her hand and kiss it. The way you need to put or hang at the same place or choose a new, more secure location.

Not superfluous to the Church. Try to find exactly the image that was depicted on your icon and put a candle to him. If you don't know the special prayer, we can repent of our sins and to read the "our father". Ideal – confession and communion.

Advice 2: What to say in confession

If a soul sin, if hard on the heart, if you want to understand yourself - it's time to go to confession. Repent bad deeds, pray, ask forgiveness - God listens.
What to say in confession

The concept of confession

Confession refers to the Church as a conversation with God in which the Confessor says that weighing on his soul, begging for help. The priest here acts as the mediator, he is the helper of God on earth. Therefore do not be ashamed of their mistakes. Coming to confession, you should talk about their problems, without hiding anything – it will help you to find emotional balance and to calm down. It is best to start your confession with, what excites you at this very moment, now. It is important not to lose sight of those details that may seem insignificant.

At the same time, we must realize that confession is not just talk, talk, and religious rite the aim of which is repentance ispoveduyuschaya. People need to understand that once he decided to fix his life, no way back. We cannot commit sins, knowing that if necessary you can resort to confession and be forgiven.

But sin is not the only reason to go to confession. When sick at heart, and you can't understand it then God help.

To trust the priest

The priest can be trusted. He can't tell anyone about your secret. Going to confession, you must remember that the Church will not judge you for your sins. After all, what you came to confession, already talking about repentance and the decision to rectify the situation.

The priests say that confession must be regular. If you do not understand something, you can ask his Confessor – he happily will explain everything to you. It is important to remember that the priest will be around to help you, so do not hesitate to contact him for help and advice.

What to say and how

If you have committed some sin already confessed and according to it, talking about it again we should not, unless it was done repeatedly. In addition, you need to take into account that one confession is not enough. Need to turn to God, asking for forgiveness and absolution, go to Church, honor of the Christian celebration and tradition.

Confession – not really a simple mystery, not everything can be solved on it. But if you already feel ready to go to Church and confess, you should be prepared for frankness. What to say in confession – this will tell you your soul and conscience. Don't be afraid and ask God for forgiveness. Repentance and purification is a process that requires a certain amount of time. Not everything comes at once. So you need to gain strength and patience.
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