Advice 1: How to choose a icon

Any Orthodox Christian should exercise in your house a special love for their loved ones. Remarkably, if the spirit of the family and its community is held together by a joint prayer at the home iconostasis. First you need to decide which icons have to be in the house.
Home iconostasis - a sacred place for your prayers
The icon of the Savior and the icon of the Mother of God – two ways, which must be in the house of an Orthodox Christian.
Icon of St. Nicholas – this Saint is especially revered in Russian Orthodoxy. His image is very common in Orthodox families.
Let your iconostasis bude your personalized icon – a picture of your patron Saint.
If your house is aching, or do you want to pray for the health - you can put in the iconostasis is the image of the mother Matron healer Panteleimon.
If you often lift up prayers for the success in professional activities, you could place in the iconostasis the icon of the Saint, the patron of your profession.
Also always good to put in the iconostasis, an icon of the Guardian angel.
If your region is revered local Saint, it is desirable to place his image in the iconostasis.
Examine the lives of the saints, and let your heart will tell you, someone else from the saints, you need to put in your iconostasis.
When the location of the icons there is a principle of hierarchy: do not put the icon of the Saint, which, for example, is revered in your community over the icon of the Holy Trinity, Saviour, virgin Mary, apostles.
Useful advice
In the home iconostasis icons are the same as in the Church.

In order to finally decide which icons you want to put in home screen icon you can visit the Church and to consult with your priest.

Advice 2: How to choose a icon

Choose its icon is an intimate, intimate. Sometimes it happens that the temple of man at once drawn to any particular way. Then do not have to guess about how to choose the"" icon. Well, when the soul chooses Holy image itself. But if not – no problem.
How to choose a icon
You will need
  • - certificate of baptism.
Personal Known that, according to ancient tradition, the child is given a name in honor of a Saint. The patron Saint whose name name baby, takes care of and protects man's whole life. The name is determined by the calendar – Church calendar (calendar). Choose a name for the newborn in accordance with the name of the Saint whose memory is celebrated in the next day or immediately after the baptism or the birth of a baby. The day dedicated to the memory of the Saint, whose name is man, is called the name day. If the tide is no Saint with a name given a person at birth, then you must use a different method. Need to know how to call a person at baptism and to get an icon with the image of the Saint bearing the same name. She will also be registered.To know the name given at baptism, in two ways: from the certificate of baptism, or by contacting the Church where the ceremony was held. In the temples, as a rule, maintained a record of all executed ordinances.Personalized icon can neither give nor sell nor give. It is a symbol that will protect the person his whole life.
Universalnaya icon with images of mother of God, of Christ, of the Trinity, which falls on the soul," can become "your" icon. It will accompany you for protection from any misfortune.
Professionallyproduced professions – saints, the patron of particular activities. The icon of this Saint, accompanying person, may be a good working tool. Prayer to the Saint, patron of a particular craft, brings success in business and removes the troubles.So, for example, the patron of the trading business, "professional" saints managers, commercial Directors is Nicholas the Wonderworker. He is also the patron Saint of travelers. It is to him that in ancient times it was set in Russia, the temples of merchants and travelers.Other patrons of the business are John New, of Sochav (Martyr) and Ustiug Wonderworker Procopius. Both of them during his life was engaged in trade, became famous for a righteous life, piety.The patron Saint of bankers, economists, accountants - St. Matthew before meeting Jesus was a publican. Postal workers and diplomats patronised by the Archangel Gabriel and builders - the Architects of the monk of the caves.The patron Saint of the military – George. Anglers and hunters also protect the icons depicting the apostles Peter and Andrew, who were fishermen before becoming disciples of Jesus.Each profession has its patron Saint. It was his way, you can choose for "their" icons.
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