The icon of the Savior and the icon of the Mother of God – two ways, which must be in the house of an Orthodox Christian.
Icon of St. Nicholas – this Saint is especially revered in Russian Orthodoxy. His image is very common in Orthodox families.
Let your iconostasis bude your personalized icon – a picture of your patron Saint.
If your house is aching, or do you want to pray for the health - you can put in the iconostasis is the image of the mother Matron healer Panteleimon.
If you often lift up prayers for the success in professional activities, you could place in the iconostasis the icon of the Saint, the patron of your profession.
Also always good to put in the iconostasis, an icon of the Guardian angel.
If your region is revered local Saint, it is desirable to place his image in the iconostasis.
Examine the lives of the saints, and let your heart will tell you, someone else from the saints, you need to put in your iconostasis.