Advice 1: How to sell old coin

Old coins is often worth a lot of money. This is one of the factors by which develops the treasure. So many treasure hunters want to get rich on this. They act differently. Some first looking for distribution channels, and then be looking for coins, the other way around, first find the coins, and then turn old coins into real money.
How to sell old coin
One of the first thoughts is a search of buyers in places where numismatists (coin collectors) to conduct transactions. However, the first time to establish the business does not always work. Need a good reputation as a supplier of coins to not be mistaken for the seller of stolen goods. In addition, novice diggers are often not able to correctly evaluate ancient coins. You need the experience. If you do and are neither a numismatist nor even the diggers, to evaluate existing findings, you couldn't even begin.
However, numismatic clubs basically exist in relatively large cities. If you are a hick, you come to the aid of the Internet. There you can find special auctions where you can sell old coins. You have the opportunity to set prices, focusing on catalogue. If no one has bought, just lower the price and again expose for sale their coins.
Coins can also be sold, finding all in the same Internet one of the numismatic forums. You can find them by driving in a search engine the phrase "numismatic forum" or something. The beauty of these online resources is that there you can not only sell old coins, but also to know the approximate or even exact cost, absolutely free. On these forums there are auctions where anyone can put their coins up for sale. If someone unknown value of the coin, this person is on the forum to create a theme from there posted a photo and asked to evaluate the coin. Knowing its value, you can put the lot up for auction.
Another good way to sell coins is to create your own website (even on free hosting). Specify the prices, as well as photos of coins, recommendations, terms of shipment. The address of your website, put in the signature of your profile on the numismatic forums to increase the number of potential buyers.

Advice 2 : How can I sell Russian coins

Numismatics is one of the most common Hobbies. A good collection along with cognitive and aesthetic value and real market value. If there is a need to sell the coins, you should do it in the best way.
How can I sell Russian coins
You will need
  • catalogues of the coins.
Collectors usually know at least the approximate cost within their collection of coins. Harder to understand with their value to those who the coins were inherited or in some other random way. In order not to lose the sale, you must find information about their real value.
The coin value can be determined from the directories that are regularly issued by various numismatic organizations. To determine the exact value of Russian and Soviet coins required directory, issued not earlier than last year. The value of the foreign coins are usually not changing too fast, therefore, to assess the value of the collection by using the directory, released even two or three years ago. To buy the catalogues in the numismatic shops and markets from sellers of coins.
Wanting to sell the coin, you should not cope on its value at the market traders. This situation can happen: you bring the coin and ask to evaluate it, the dealer calls a very good amount, then asked if you want to sell the coin. You agree, get the money and leave pretty satisfied. And only later found out that he sold the coin is much cheaper than its actual price. Therefore, to address to the market traders with the offer to sell should be only after you have learned the real value of the coin.
The value of a collection of coins, you can determine and online at numismatic sites. The Internet gives the opportunity to sell a rare coin, holding it up for auction, is one of the best ways of selling. Google the words "sell coin auction" and you will get all the necessary links. Rare coins are better to sell on foreign auctions.
When selling coins is of great importance the degree of its sound. The buyer may try to bring down the price, pointing to the worn coins, traces of oxides on its surface, etc. In directories specify the value of the coins in accordance with their safety. To accurately assess the value of your coins, you should be able to determine its safety.

Advice 3 : Where to sell coins

Currently quite popular was the sale of coins of various denominations. Moreover, high costs often have the most common coins in circulation in the market today, only a few people know that they are valued considerably above par.
Where to sell coins
There are several ways of selling coins. They can sell:
- in the Bank
- on the market
- when participating in auctions.
Auctions can be online, on the Internet. The latter are a safer option.

Evaluation of the coins

For implementation of the transaction for the sale, you need to know what is the real price of the coin. To make it possible using the accessibility of Internet content. You can "enroll" in the ranks of coin collectors by registering on their forum and asked to evaluate the coin you want to sell. This will need from all angles, most clearly and accurately transmitting the image to upload photos to the evaluators. You can get lucky — there are buyers for your coin. If fortune is not on your side, you at least roughly call price.

There is an easier option to find out how much is your coin. Just enter in any search engine query in which you specify the year of issue and face value.

Offer the coins on the market

So you've decided on the price of your unique coin, now is the time to look for a buyer is to put it up for auction. Such auctions, you can easily find on any forum for numismatists. Next, you will need minimal skills to work in the Internet, as you will need to create your own theme where you will publish good pictures of your coins with the year of issue and denomination.

All the practical part of the work is done, now you will be more of an observer than a participant. Your function will be to not make a bad bargain when selling their coins.

Bids can start almost from the ruble to reach a decent amount. You can also specify the amount, receiving you without delay give the owner a coin, transferring all rights to it to the buyer. This amount is called "blitz-price".
You must be very careful approach to the determination of prices and to think, to perform, to not underestimate her.

So when your coin "find" its new owner, you must negotiate the terms of delivery of the coins with your hand and payment by the buyer. The terms on which you send the coin, you agree immediately. The most common variant is the sending by Post of Russia at the expense of the buyer, who must either make a Deposit or pay a parcel cod. If buyer arranges a pre-paid, he can send you money to a Bank card, mobile phone, electronic and so on.
The rules are that the buyer participating in the auction, accepts the seller's terms.

To sell therefore, you and old antique coins, however, to send regular mail more than risky, besides often with the expensive currency the buyer requires examination, so you'll have to meet with the expert and with the buyer.
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