The red corner is the most important and honorable place in the house. Here are the icons in the Shrine or the Shrine – special open Cabinet or shelf with lamp. The icons must necessarily be, it is not necessary to hang them. The Shrine must be made of wood. Often it is decorated with a special long and narrow woven towel made of homespun canvas – boncom that covers the icons on the top and sides, but does not close the faces depicted in the images of the saints. Bojnik at the ends were usually decorated with embroidery.
Another way to decorate the icon is Reese or salary. This trim decoration, covering the entire iconic Board on top of a layer of paint, but of individuals who are slots. Garments can be a gold, silver, brass, copper, sewn, beaded, decorated with enamel, coloured glass and a plush inside.
In the Church a lectern with the icon can be decorated with flowers. To do this, take a sheet of chipboard slightly larger than the icon, cut out this square sheet, sufficient to place the icons inside free space. Purchase a special floral oasis in the shape of a long bar in the tray that attach with screws to the particleboard. Then paste into an oasis of any suitable to the occasion flowers: roses, carnations or chrysanthemums.
Instead of particleboard, you can make a frame from wire and flowers and floral greens to fix without oasis tape. However, in this case, the flowers can quickly fade away. To protect the flowers from fading is possible in this way: wrap the roots with wet cloth and place it in the fingertip filled with water.