Find out the publication date of the work that you want to sell. You should know that not all books are valuable enough on the market, as, for example, in Soviet times released books were published in huge print, though, and cover the period in which it was published potentially expensive collector's edition. Today, such copies are not particularly valuable. Antique book can be called publishing, production of which was carried out in a time when the printing started before 1850. Also considered to be antique, who was at least 50 years. All publications released after this date are considered used books.
Try to sell a book via the Internet. Any special website to choose carefully. The real experts in this area is very small and appreciate an old book will be difficult. To directories, specialized auctions of books, with worn and shabby pages, amid the splendor of all the books is almost imperceptible. Remember that antique given product can lose half its price in the presence of such faults.
Find out the approximate cost of your books. In order to navigate in the prices of such publications, see “Catalogue of rare Russian books”, which became one of the first published printed editions. Though she had published prices, and instances who have enough ghostly content, but the idea of the book Antiques you will have.
Before you sell a book, look at its history in the network, perhaps such a book, as you have remained in single copy. Or was sold a couple of years ago for a substantial sum. Then, if the book is private, you can estimate about 10% of the amount for which was sold the same copy.
Reconsider the option of the dealer. If you are unable to independently engage in the sale of Antiques, contact antique Department. And it is better in order to choose the highest price you will offer. The problem is only that nobody can know all the books because of their diversity. So the price will appoint a “by eye”. The beauty of collecting lies in the fact that no one famous instance in which someone has nothing to give, can bring happiness to its owner.