Contact the territorial authority of the security at the place of residence. Write a statement and fill in the form, which is very important as there are specified your family, the question on bringing to criminal liability and more.
Write on the form all honestly, because all information is carefully checked, and if you find some kind of a hoax, then you won't be able to get a job in such bodies.
How to get to work on the FSB
Provide copies of the documents of close relatives, including death certificates. You may need your autobiography, handwritten in any form.
When all the documents are submitted, wait. Sometimes the answer have to wait a few months. If all goes well, you will be called to the personnel officer.
How to get to work on the FSB
Go medical Board, including a test of use of narcotic substances. Next - check on the lie detector, which paid much attention. Be calm, and smooth, clear answer questions.
If you have successfully passed all stages, it is possible that in a short time, you will become an employee of the Federal security service. But know that the service FSB claimed about a hundred people in one place, and you have the right to refuse for any of the 16 points that reglamentary the reasons for the refusal to work in this organization.
How to get to work on the FSB