Advice 1: How to transform your life in 10 days?

Many are trying to improve your life, fill it with positive and bright emotions, but sooner or later, these impulses are over and life moves on in the usual way. Why does this happen? Just when you start to change your life, you want to use all the tips, all the methods and ideas that you learned from different sources. We need to act gradually. And yet, if you want to introduce any habit in your life, to begin with think about whether you will be able to follow her throughout life's journey. Before you program to improve life, which is designed for 10 days. If you do everything right, after a given period of time you will notice a result.
How to transform your life in 10 days?
Day 1

Stop thinking about negative and unpleasant for you. If you used to do it, there is a very simple technique of getting rid of this habit, which is called "Cutting". Its essence is that when negative thoughts you should not hesitate to remove them out of your head and focus on the good. The next thing you must learn in this life does not so complicated and hard. Take it for what it is. Love yourself, your Hobbies and work. Smile throughout the day.
Day 2

Eliminate from your diet harmful products: crisps, fizzy drinks, chocolate, cakes, pizzas, farinaceous foods. Replace all salads, vegetables and fruit. Your body will thank you for this difficult step. But if you really want to eat any harmful product, you can use it with the condition that after a meal, you perform a series of physical exercises.
Day 3

Start Jogging, join a fitness club or dance Studio. All these actions will help not only to enhance body tone, but also to give you a good mood for the whole day. If you can't afford to enter into your life these Hobbies, there is another option that will help to improve your figure and mood. You need to write in the notebook exercises that you can perform every day at home, when you have a free minute.
Day 4

Become sociable and companionable person. If you have not been able to make new friends and have a good relationship, from this day you must clearly understand that real friends is one of the most important values in life. If you still have none of those, then you need someone to meet you. Don't be afraid to start a conversation. The worst that can happen is a rejection of friendship. Before you start a conversation with a stranger, try to visualize your conversation and your speech.
Day 5

Do what you like. Pay no attention to the opinion of society. You are the Creator of your life, your world. Remember, when in doubt about anything. You don't have to be afraid of people, of circumstances. Their fear of fear and you will attract more bad into your life.
Day 6

Construct a plan for the rest of his life. One of the most effective ways to make your life the way you see it in your dreams, visualization. Make a vision Board using pictures and photographs. Every evening look at your creation and imagine that all this is already in your life.
Day 7

Engage in science and research. Attend lectures, communicate with people who have deep knowledge in your area of interest. Even if your activities do not meet such interests, it is not a reason to delay them.
Day 8

Update your closet. You can consult with a stylist or look online things that will fit your style and shape, before heading to the store.

Change the picture on your desktop to something cheerful, uplifting image. Update your playlist of uplifting and pleasant music.
Day 9

Start to control your finances. Make lists of what you need to buy this month. Start saving for a trip to another country.
Day 10

Try to take your life with new Hobbies and new habits. Give yourself a promise that you will be performing them throughout your life. Be thankful for each new moment, each chance to be better.

Advice 2 : How to change yourself in 100 days

Periodically each woman asks the question changes your appearance in a short period, say 100 days, which equals three and a half months. This may be due to the desire to change life, to become successful or to start a family.
How to change yourself in 100 days

Change itself

Before you change your style in clothing, hairstyle and makeup, you can try to start with simple things that do not require the intervention of specialists of the fashion industry.

First you need to analyze its appearance and to identify the most attractive part of the body, making this accent. For example, the winner of the beautiful eyes can work eye. After all, a lively look attracts others. Putting the emphasis on lips it is necessary to consider that the shape of the mouth changes throughout life depending on circumstances. Will require some effort to maintain the corners of the lips in the correct position. Posture also plays a role in all the way. Raised head and straight back describe a person as self-confident. A smile transforms a person attracts the stronger sex. You need to find your own versions of smiles, poluulybki. Facial expressions immediately gives the source 50% information about the person, so it is important control. Depressed mood, anger and irritability can cause unpleasant facial expressions. In the main gestures of restraint and elegance of the movements. Clenched fists, folded crosswise hands can tell you about the young girl as a restless, wishing to defend the man. Also irritation of the surrounding can result in fingers, batter drum roll.
Speaking of gait, it should be noted that this way of presenting women in society. You need to walk gracefully, this will help home mirrors, storefronts on the street, detect the errors.

To teach the correct behavior for the 4 weeks carefully honing their skills day in and day turning it into a good habit.

The transition to radical changes

Hair and makeup can take some time. All the details you need to consider and come to any of the alternatives until consultation with professionals in this field. The selection of a suitable option for girls it takes about a month long meditation. If the hairstyle and hair color will help hairdresser, the makeup must go to the makeup artist. The most important thing after all is that the created image was inspired by his mistress to good things.

To find a suitable style of dress necessary thoroughness and serious approach to get around all the shops, choose the right style, fabric, color of clothing, to consult with friends, to resort to the help of stylists. It will be delayed for another month. It is necessary to consider the type of body and face. It is important to understand that it is not aligned in the same outfit more than two bright colors and different styles. Addition to the new style would be the accessories, the selection of which is also a big job. If you can combine simply a necklace with a business suit to complement with the colorful scarf, the look is outstanding, done with taste.

As for the rules of wearing shoes, we need to note the style, convenience and a destination (output or daily). Ladies of large stature or tall should remember that shoes with high heels will only exacerbate the shortcomings of the figure. Such a thin heel will give the appearance of fragility and bulkiness.

All women share the desire to hide your age. Therefore, setting a goal to look young, you especially need to pay attention to style clothing by age, as each age has his own. You ought to agree that when a young girl dressed as a grown woman in the style of "vamp", or conversely, a woman over 35 dresses like a teenager, it looks weird.

If in doubt, you can capture extraordinary detail in the same style, you can stick to classic styles that you always have the opportunity to decorate with bright accessories.

Listening to these tips, you can get a new fresh look and the image created in just 100 days.
It is known that changing facial features, makeup and clothing style, change, needs and personality and attitude to life.

Advice 3 : Rules improve their lives

In the life of everyone there comes a time when life becomes dull and uninteresting, nothing new is happening. In such situations, one asks the question: "How to bring about change in your life?"
Rules improve their lives

In order to change lives, to change ourselves. You should try to change the image. To change the hairstyle, buy clothes unusual for a person of color or style.

Changes in the head. We must remember that from the thoughts depends very much, so you need to change them. In order to do this, you can replace their daily activities on something new. For example, if a person loves to read science fiction, he could read the classics.

Loneliness. Might be worth some time to be alone, as a familiar company and topics will not contribute to changes in life.

Attitude to material goods. If you live, keeping every penny, then he should change his attitude to money. To go to an expensive restaurant, buy yourself something. If it was the opposite and people behaved wasteful, it is necessary to limit their costs. For example, not to ride on taxis and public transport. To refuse high-calorie food, following the diet for a while.

Schedule. To change life, you need to change the schedule of your life. If the person gets up at 10 o'clock in the morning, he can try to Wake up at 7 or 5. If he went swimming, he can try to go dancing or Jogging.

Relax in new ways. In any case, you cannot plan your vacation in the same way as usual. If people used to travel on the ticket, he needs to go on vacation "savage".

Performing all of the items from the list, the person will feel like his life will change.

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