It is necessary to maintain a constant body weight. Rapid weight loss or weight gain can cause unwanted changes in the cardiovascular system or the skin.

You should lead a healthy lifestyle, to organize proper nutrition. Should reconsider habits, from something to refuse, to find something new. You need to help your body stay healthy and young.

The required intensive care of the skin. In addition to skin care at home, should once a month to visit a beautician. He will also recommend useful anti-aging treatments.

Need to rethink the wardrobe to refresh and update it. It's time to leave boring old things to acquire trendy and modern that fit your size. It is better to buy expensive and quality stuff to please you.

You may need to change the hairstyle, the image in General. This will help a good stylist, it will tell you how to change.

Women at this age hormone levels are slowly declining. You should consult a doctor, he will pick a special hormonal therapy.

The children grew up, if you have time and money travel. No need to save yourself.

The movement is important. The more you move, the longer it will remain able-bodied and energetic. If the work is sedentary, move at the slightest opportunity.

It is possible to dance. It's a wonderful way to maintain normal weight, to strengthen the vestibular and muscular system, besides get a lot of positive emotions, make new friends, what's missing from the women of that age.

Many women after 40 are married, even having children. The best cure for sadness and old age is love. Be happy and love.

Any age lets enjoy the life!