Any ancient city mandatory is haunted and ghosts. This is the capital of the underworld can be called London. If you believe the locals, there is simply no place to spit - be sure to hit the Ghost.

However, to see a Ghost, Muscovite absolutely no need to go to Albion. In our capital enough of their national representatives of the other world in its coloring able to compete with London colleagues. Some of them, we will discuss in this article.

The Ghosts Of The Kremlin

How old is the city so much and his heart to the Kremlin. For many centuries behind the walls of red brick have been many events that changed a huge number of heads of state. If you believe the legends, not all of them wanted after death to leave the pasture. Many still wander in the night somewhere behind the Kremlin walls.

People met in the Kremlin with many ghosts, ranging from Ivan the terrible and Boris Godunov, ending with Lenin, Stalin and even Fanny Kaplan. Unfortunately, these ghosts, seen only a limited number of people due to the closure of greater part of the territory of the Kremlin. This category of ghosts can be described as among the elite ghosts. We consider ghosts rank simpler.

The model Juju at the Kuznetsk bridge

Young French Juju worked as a model in one of the boutiques on Kuznetsky most street. In addition, she was the mistress of a famous capitalist Savva Morozov, who in 1905, while nice, had the misfortune to commit suicide. When boys sold Newspapers loudly shouted about this news, Juju rode in a carriage. Hearing their screams, she's on the move jumped out of the cab and rushed to one of the boys, to buy a newspaper. This time she landed under the wheels of a cab. Doctors ' efforts to anything didn't lead, and in the evening Juju died. On the same day in one of the corners, the police found the boy newsboy who sold her the newspaper, strangled. Since there was talk about the Ghost of a French woman, walking in the warm spring and summer nights, street the Kuznetsk Bridge.

Witnesses say they saw a tall girl in white, which, as it glides over the sidewalk.

Meeting with Juju is not good. If you see her girl, she faces the imminent loss of a loved one, if a journalist or a news vendor, he will die.


Near the metro station Kitai-Gorod, in the alleys is an ancient Ivanovsky convent. He was famous for having in it many years spent in the pit Daria Mikhailovna Saltykova, she Saltychikha, sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of their serfs. She committed crime for 4 years and during that time killed more than 130 people.

Near the monastery there is an underground transition, in which the belated passers-by met the grim-looking translucent figure in something black, like a cloak. Someone explains the appearance of Saltychikha in this place that is boiling hot for your sins, was buried outside the monastery, somewhere in the area built later transition. However, according to historical data, Saltychikha was buried at the other end of Moscow, in the Donskoy monastery. However, the exact burial place, unfortunately, is unknown. It is constantly looking for historians and lovers of antiquity, but the grave is lost.

The appearance of a Ghost in the Ivanovo monastery to explain, perhaps, is the fact that within its walls the share of Darya Saltykova occurred most grievous suffering. She spent many years in the pit, on top of a closed prison. Fed it all these years only bread and water.

Saying that, having met Saltychikha in the underpass, to be expected in a short time is not very pleasant changes in my life.

Black Boomer on Prechistenka, black cat on Tverskaya, man Kusovnikov butcher

However, not all ghosts are met to their citizens in trouble. There are quite harmless instances.

About once a month, closer to the night at breakneck speed sweeps Prechistenskaya streets a black limousine. The speed is so great that to consider it was little. However, some argue that it is BMW. This legend originates in the dashing 90-ies.

Once on Prechistenka killers staged a hunt for one of the most authoritative businessmen of the time. The mortally wounded driver fleeing from a firefight drove the car into the alley, where the eyes of astonished passers-by, rushing on huge speed the car just vanished into thin air. What happened then, nobody knows, but the fact remains, and since then a rushing BMW have seen many times.

We all, of course, read the novel of M. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita". But few know of what is described in the book, the cat Behemoth is not the fiction writer. This character has its prototype.

In the area of Tverskaya street, close to Pushkinskaya metro station, passers-by had seen a large black cat, which, not paying any attention to anybody, slowly, out of the walls of one house and just slowly disappeared into the wall of another. They say that to see this cat can rarely and more in the summer. See it, as a rule, with the onset of evening twilight. It is possible that during one of his walks along Tverskaya, faced with this cat and M. A. Bulgakov.

On Myasnitskaya ulitsa (metro Chistye Prudy), at number 17 lived once an old couple, the merchant and the merchant's wife Kusovnikova. An elderly couple was distinguished by phenomenal greed and a manic care. Leaving the house on business, they put all their savings in a special box and took them with him. One day old, a little zahora, for some unknown reason put the box in the extinguished fireplace, and then dozed off. Not suspecting anything, the servant, to prevent them from freezing, lit a fire. After learning about what happened, Ms. Kusovnikova instantly died from a stroke, and the old man for a long time knocked bureaucratic rapids of different levels in order to restore their savings. In the heat of battle he is completely impoverished and had to sell the house. But the fight against bureaucracy, then, was as useless as in our time, and in the end he died of a stroke. Since then, after seven in the evening near the house number 17 sometimes you can see a poorly-dressed shaking the old man softly wailed, "Well, where's my money?"

Ghosts of the Moscow metro

Of ghosts of the Moscow metro, it would be possible to write separate article. The most mystical station of the Moscow metro station is Sokol. The fact that it was built very near the place where formerly was a cemetery with mass graves of soldiers and nurses of the First world war. The cemetery was in the area of Sandy streets, and now in its place is a children's Park. In the place where now peacefully walking moms with kids, when there was a mass grave, and in the days of war communism were mass executions of priests.

Underground personnel serving at the station Sokol with one voice say about the strange misty figures that can be seen in the tunnels in the early morning before the doors of the subway opened to passengers.

Behave misty's personality in General peacefully. However, many passengers complain that, while on station, experience a very strong discomfort. Quite often at the station happen fainting, and even heart attacks. Occur suicide and criminal incidents. If they're connected with a vague inhabitants of the tunnels or not, is, of course, unknown. But subway workers really do not like the station Sokol, and passengers do not like it.

No less famous ghosts of the Moscow metro are "lineman" and "black driver". Where they live is not known for certain. They were seen in different parts of the metro. The history of these two ghosts is quite entertaining.

Was 70-years old man who spent his adult life working track crawler of the Moscow metro. To retire he would not - very much loved your work. When the old man turned 75, he did all by hook or by crook escorted to retire, and at 82 years old he died. However, after his death to leave his beloved work could not - and wanders at night through the tunnels.

The story of the black driver to be extremely sad. They say that in the same 70-e on one of the branches of the underground tunnel had a very strong fire. Structure on fire with the passengers. The engineer stopped the train and rushed to save people. In the end, all the passengers were saved, but the engineer was badly burned and 2 weeks later died in hospital.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident was underway and then heads underground in order not to get on the cap decided to dump all the blame on the dead driver. His wife and children are left without monetary compensation and other benefits. It is this fact angered the spirit of the late most. Angered so much that he still roams the tunnels in search of justice.

Speaking of ghosts of the Moscow metro, we can not say about the Ghost train on the circle line.

The existence of this train is hard to believe, of course, difficult. Schedule of trains in the Moscow metro designed almost second by second and the appearance of any train outside of this schedule at least did not go unnoticed, and in fact would make a complete confusion in a clear operation of the metro.

However, legend has it that once a month at midnight to the platforms of stations on the circle line, pulls up an unusual composition. This train is clearly the old model. Some managed to see the driver pale face. He is dressed in the uniform of a member of staff 30-50 years. The wagons saw few passengers, are also dressed in something grey and old.

The doors of this train never open. After standing a moment on the platform, he went into the tunnel.

They say that when he is on the station, it is better to stay away from its doors. Sometimes for someone one they are still open. And anyone who gets in the car is no longer refundable.

Where did this train and who its passengers are also unknown. According to some, it is the souls of men, under different circumstances of the victims in the subway.

Ghosts of the outskirts of Moscow: the evil and the good woman

Ghosts and ghosts have chosen not only the center of the capital. A lot of them on the outskirts of the city. We describe only the most famous. We begin with the Moscow district Ostankino. On its territory there are the TV tower and the Ostankino TV tower, and the Sheremetyev Palace, with the ancient ponds.

Since ancient times, life has a bad reputation. Once in the area was a cemetery of suicides. Suicides were buried directly in the swamps without funerals and other religious rites. As a result, the area is crawling with ghosts and haunted. Especially a lot of them on the territory of the telecentre, but rather in the building АСК3 located opposite the main building.

АСК3 the building was built in 1980 for the technical needs of the television station. Work in it staff excitedly told about the constant moans and noises emanating in it, and many even saw something like ghostly figures.

However, the worst Ostankino Ghost doesn't dwell in this building. Periodically in the area of the tower you can see the old hunchback in black, slowly hobbling to the side of the Sheremetyev Palace. Meeting with this lady is just terrible. Any who it will meet in the near future, as they say, will die.

Confirmed this information more than once. In the XVI century, woman in black predicted the death Lord decided to build up before the Ostankino unoccupied land. He waved the old lady, but in vain. After a short time, her warning has come true, and the Lord died in the dungeons Malyuta-Skuratov.

The following, who received a warning and did not heed him, was the Emperor Paul I. As the guest of count Sheremetev, he decided to take a walk on adjacent to the Palace grove. There he met a hunchback and after a short conversation drove it. How it ended, you know.

The old woman predicted the death and serf actress of count Sheremetyeva Praskovya Zhemchugova. The actress was supposed to go on stage in one evening in two performances. In the first she played Ophelia in the second Juliet. The hunchback in black she met in one of the alleys of the Palace.

"Where two deaths on stage, there will be a third life," she hissed the frightened actress. Some time passed, and the old woman's prediction came true: Zhemchugova became seriously ill and died in the Prime of life.

The last time a black hunchback seen in 2000 in the area of the Ostankino tower. "Oh, how smoke smell!" she cried. After a few days in the tower had a fire and people died.

Because I don't want to finish the article with a story about a scary Ghost, we add in a barrel of tar a small spoonful of honey, telling about the complete antithesis of the black of the hunchback - the good Ghost of the Transfiguration grandmother.

All who saw her, talking about her as a person of flesh and blood. That it still the Ghost speaks only to the fact that it, like the black witch in Ostankino, seen unchanged for one hundred years.

Transfiguration grandmother can be seen in the metro Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad or near the Preobrazhensky market and cemetery. However, some witnesses claim that he had met her in are located far enough away from [the district of North Izmailovo. It is likely just fiction, though to deny it altogether too. From metro Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad in Northern Moscow there are a number of buses and trolleybuses. If desired, the Ghost could easily get there by public transport. :)

Transfiguration looks like grandma is always the same. She's kind of small. She is dressed in a blue coat, obviously old, making and generally looks very poor. In the hands of her usual shopping bag. In these in the Soviet time was the potatoes. Sometimes the old woman seen with a shopping trolley, as well of the old model.

Any who meet the Transfiguration grandmother, can consider himself a happy man. In the near future in the life of this person, there are wonderful changes. Complex problems are solved as if by themselves, the trouble that seemed inevitable are a party. A lonely man finds a soul mate and finds happiness. The one who was in dire need of money, finds a great source of income.

Say especially lucky those who will meet the Transfiguration grandma with a shopping cart. The most cherished dream of such a person is necessarily true.

It is on this positive note we conclude our article, which tried to briefly tell you about the most famous Moscow haunted. We can only regret that it was not possible to tell about all the others, each of which is without doubt in its own way interesting.

Do they exist really or not, not so important. To believe or not to believe - a private matter. No doubt more. These stories will make any walk in the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, real, entertaining and exciting.

And finally I want to wish only one. To walking the streets of our old town, each of us, regardless of whether he believes in ghosts or not, still met, as some Transfiguration grandmother and found true happiness.